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Happy Thanksgivukkah!

by Jon Carter, First Edition Rules Master

2nd December 2013

Hi friends,

So things got crazy at the CC Thanksgiving/Chanukah party.  In all the hullabaloo of a holiday combination that only happens once every 70,000 years, the Rules Committee realized that we forgot to get all of you 1E fans a gift.  This was especially embarrassing as design and art has been giving you all these sweet new cards. So we braved the Black Friday sales. After campout at the Rules-Mart superstore and a fistfight at J.C. Errata, we emerged victorious – the holidays are saved!  So without further ado the RC presents you some new gifts.


1.       First, we noticed your glossary was looking a bit out of date, totally ignoring the new fashions of Emissary. So we got you a nice new pack of rulings to spruce it up.

a.      We made 'DS9' and 'Deep Space 9' equivalent as key words.

b.      Added the new item to the list of special equipment for ships.

c.      Made some changes to the Bajoran wormhole entry to help First Stable Wormhole work as design intended.  

d.      Added a whole new set of rules to explain how facility commanders work (and made a needed change to matching commander.)

e.      Made some changes to clarify how corresponding time locations work.  

f.       A small change to the “unique and universal” entry.  It will make sense in time…

g.      Created entries to explain new icons.

2.       Second, some of you seemed sad that you weren’t getting to play all of your favorite cards.  It seems some previous Grinch took them away from you because they were broken (I kid, all the props to former Masters of Rules).  While you cannot have all of your toy’s back, we fixed up a few of them with Errata so you can play with them again.

a.      Going to the Top: we realized with the Download Control that has come to the game, this isn’t so broken. But we wanted to make sure that all (non – Borg) players got to play, so we changed it up a bit.

b.      Visit Cochrane Memorial – some text was removed to make room for our changes.  On the top of the card we built in the [ref] limitation.  We also changed one probe icon so that all Earth based affiliations could make use (adding one that could use the help).  Additionally, the download was made less powerful. 

While we had our tools out we also fixed a few cards card.

a.       Continuing Mission: toned back the draws. This should make it more balanced in both block and OTF.

b.       Sam Lavelle and Brilgar had small changes to make them work with their respective play engines.

c.       We pluralized Bajoran Wormhole so that you can get as many as you need from outside the game.

3.       Finally, we realized that some of you had been naughty. So one of your toys will have to be taken away.

a.       Space – This card had us worried for a few reasons, it is nasty both because it really can hamper some decks from ever moving.  It also isn’t fair with Harness Particle decks, as it seriously dilutes dilemmas without any penalty.  We are testing fixes to both cards, and playtesting the options. This card may get errata, we may just change other cards and give you this back as is, or we may change some play rules. Playtesting will let us figure it out, bear with us as we try our options (also sign up to 1E playtest).

I hope you all enjoy at least some of your presents. 

The First Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release rules updates on the first Monday of each month, if necessary. This update takes effect immediately.

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