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Happy Merry!

by Rogue Shindler, Achievement Master

25th December 2013

The holidays are decked with silver and gold, and many of you good little players will wake up to new silver and gold achievements this morning! (Some of you naughty players may have some as well, but you likely stayed up late last night to peek!)

This fall has brought the game some definite reasons to celebrate, including the start of Deep Space Nine block for First Edition. To celebrate, we bring you Project Chang, an Achievement mini-release to help ring in the new Block (and year). We have some DS9-themed achievements to accompany Emissary, some adjustments to old achievements paired with new ones to split up the androids and meta-humans in Unnatural Selection, and we've got a handful of new, unrelated achievements to tide you over until the next big release in 2014. 

And yes, Annika, there is a Braxton Claus. The time-traveling Relativity crew has gone back and set all of the set-related achievements to be retroactive to their release dates (including their own Matter of Time achievement!). So, many of you will already have racked up a few new Project Chang achievements unwrapped in your Earned area. 

You can detect all the new (uncloaked) achievements in the "New" tab of the Achievements page. Happy Life Day!

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