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Printability - It's Time

by Matthyas Kiraly, Director of Organized Play

22nd January 2014

The time has finally come to announce that, as of Monday the 3rd of February 2014, every card will become printable.

We have known this day was coming ever since we started this Committee, and this has been hotly anticipated by players worldwide since the recent announcement that this would be happening early this year.

From an Organized Play perspective, this means every current Decipher-made card that is not currently covered under the existing Organized Play Guide (OPG) definition of “authorized proxy” will become officially printable for personal use in all Continuing Committee events where the physical counterparts would normally be legal.

There is also going to be a change to the Virtual card pool and definition of "authorized proxy"defined under section 4.2 of the OPG. Cards that have received errata (excluding [1EC] cards on the Converted Cards List for First Edition) will be removed from both of these card pools.

These changes will also take effect on Monday the 3rd of February 2014, with an interim update of the OPG to be made available to officially ratify these changes. This will be in advance of a full update to the OPG to be released in the first week of March.

There are no-doubt going to be many questions regarding the printability, and this article is by no means a complete guide. The following FAQ covers the major changes to the policy and will hopefully answer most of your questions.

If you have any further questions not covered below regarding the updated policies to accommodate the expansion of printable proxies across all Decipher-made cards, please follow the link at the end of this article to the forum discussion thread.

• What is the required print standard for printable cards?

Like with existing virtual cards, printable cards are to be in full color and unmodified from the original source. They must be complete and intact, with no missing parts. Printable cards should not be printed on any kind of paper which will distort the image, or allow the cards to be marked or otherwise detected. This includes the use of most foil and light-refracting “hologram” paper.

There is also an expectation that the print quality is high enough for all relevant text on the card to be readable under reasonable tournament venue lighting.

Rules regarding the appropriate use of backing cards and sleeving remain the same.

If in doubt, always check with your local Tournament Director prior to their use. Your TD will always have the final say as to whether your cards meet the required standard in his or her opinion.

• Will there be high-resolution card images created for existing low-resolution card images?

No. Unfortunately the art overhead makes this task almost impossible. We believe that even the early First Edition card images, while rough, are still usable.

• Does this mean all non-virtual cards are now covered under the definition of “proxy”?

Yes. By the definition in the OPG glossary, a proxy is a printed version of a physical card.

• Does this mean all non-virtual cards are now covered under the definition of “authorized proxy”?

No. The authorized proxy definition in the OPG will remain the same EXCEPT for the removal of cards that have received errata (excluding [1EC] cards on the Converted Cards List for First Edition). Therefore, an authorized proxy is currently defined as a card from the following for each of First and Second Edition:

First Edition: all missions, universal personnel, universal ships, converted [1EC] cards, Second Edition authorized proxies (as defined below) that are [1EC]

Second Edition: all missions, non-unique personnel, non-unique ships

• Are the newly printable cards considered the same as virtual cards?

No. Virtual cards are considered the same as before, by definition, all cards with the "V" rarity.

• How does this affect the Virtual card pool?

The Virtual card pool will largely remain the same. It will still include all virtual cards, all (printable) virtual promo cards, and all authorized proxies as defined above. The only change is removal of cards that have received errata (excluding [1EC] cards on the Converted Cards List for First Edition).

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