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Welcome to the Team, Steve Hartmann!

by Matthyas Kiraly, Director of Organized Play

6th February 2014

It is with much joy we welcome long-time player (and let's be honest, to all who know him, all-round good guy) Stephen "chompers" Hartmann to The Continuing Committee, joining the Organized Play team, filling the role of Australian Organized Play Coordinator!

A capable, independent thinker, Steve is also very team-oriented. He is definitely not afraid to speak his mind on the big issues, and represents exactly what we need for the role, given Australia's geographically-challenged position in the global Star Trek CCG community.

He is central to the biggest community of players in Australia, and I believe his close ties with all the player groups and Trek-friendly venues in Sydney demonstrates the required ability to be a focal point of Star Trek CCG, not only in Sydney, but across the vastness of Australia, and indeed as we begin to expand into other areas the greater Asia-Pacific region.

His assistance and involvement in Australian Continentals past has shown a keen desire to be more involved. I am really excited at what Steve can bring to the table as the new main man of Australian Trek.

Most importantly, I believe that his knowledge, skill, and competitiveness across all three games gives him a unique perspective on what today's players want, and the best OP options to accommodate them. I believe this will result in more fun and exciting events for Australian players going forward.

Here is Steve's bio:

I first played Star Trek 1E following the release of Deep Space 9 and continued to play the game up until the release of 2E. I was heavily involved in the tournament scene and frequently ran tournaments. At the peak of 1E we attracted 25 players to tournaments in Penrith NSW Australia.

I picked up 2E from its release and continued to play until Fractured Time and then in spurts until the release of What You Leave Behind. 2E in Sydney never reached the same heights as 1E but was well supported during this time with frequent tournaments and decent attendance.

After a short break from the game I picked 2E up again in 2009 with the discovery that the Continuing Committee had been established and was continuing support of the game. I started playing and running 1E tournaments again in 2011 when I was accepted to be part of the Ambassador program. Around the same time I started playing and running Tribbles events.

Fast forward to today and I have played in more than 100 second edition tournaments, 100 Tribbles tournaments and more than 20 first edition tournaments. During that same time I have run many tournaments across all three formats of the game including regional events. I have worked closely with Matthyas Kiraly (stoovie) at previous Australian Championships and at the 2012 World Championships.

Recently, I have been running first edition tournaments in Penrith and have been linking up with many ex-players. They are keen to play again and if all goes well, Penrith will once again be a hot spot for first edition activity in the future.

I enjoy the social and administrative aspect of Star Trek CCG and am looking forward to taking on the role of Australian Organised Play Coordinator. My profession as a science and maths teacher has given me a range of skills that I feel will be well used in this position. An unhealthy obsession with data should also assist fulfilling the duties of this position.

When I am not playing or organising events, I spend my time with my beautiful wife and two amazing daughters (future world champions).

We have a strong team here in Australia and the future looks long and prosperous!

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Continuing Committee family!

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