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March Errata

by Jon Carter, First Edition Rules Master

3rd March 2014

This month we have four errata designed to better balance the speed and power of TNG decks.

1. Sunad and Gozar have been made unique to stop the proliferation of these popular fellows.

2. Mercenary Raiders: it has lost its ability to seed to prevent stacking of this engine. We have also added "regardless of affiliation" to the mix conditions so Galen, Will Riker, and Tallera can work together even if she is in Federation mode.

3. Attention All Hands: two changes have been made to to this Warp Core card. 1) you are no longer allowed to report copies of a Universal  personnel that you already have in play for free. 2) You can no longer free report to ships -- only outposts.

The First Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release rules updates on the first Monday of each month, if necessary. This update takes effect immediately.

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