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Science Fiction

by Johannes Klarhauser, Ambassador

6th March 2014

Chained Environment

About one year ago, I found this thread on the Second Edition gameplay board. Steve Hartmann (chompers) shares his experience of running a deck completely without the Science skill, and doing really well with it. Apparently, Science is largely a non-issue for dilemma busting (notable exceptions are Infinite Diversity, which requires skill-tracking to be reliable, and Sylvia, which needs draw deck support and has a Cunning-based out to circumnavigate the Science side), and there has indeed been little incentive to go out of your way to cram more of that skill into your deck.

With Chained Environment and The Nth Degree, Return to Grace now introduces a pair of interesting dilemmas that might motivate players to fill that gap in their skill matrix. At a cost of four, the dilemmas are expensive, and the requirements do not seem overly difficult for an average crew or away team. However, when the dilemmas hit, they work as a wall, stopping everybody, and they do not go under the mission. Instead, they are placed on the mission and now add the extra skill requirement of Science.

In order to increase the chances of the new dilemmas hitting, cards from the first set can help: Picking Up the Pieces and Blended can be used to filter out Diplomacy and Geology personnel on a planet, while Personal Duty makes it harder to have the 2 Leadership in space. If your opponent is playing with low-cost personnel, Pitching In should be cheap enough to used as a filter for The Nth Degree, too. Combos like Adopted Authority + Polywater Intoxication + Chained Environment/The Nth Degree against a team of seven people might well stop the current attempt, leave no dilemmas overcome, and make the next attempt harder with the added requirement.

The fact that the dilemmas are not dual and will take up a significant amount of the available dilemma counters will probably make them unattractive to many players, but there's certainly nothing wrong with putting some more emphasis on "Science" in a game that is all about celebrating one of the greatest science-fiction universes.


• Chained Enforcement/The Nth Degree + Urgency: Force your opponent to have skills spread over multiple personnel.

Unscientific Method + Chained Enforcement/The Nth Degree : Take out those scientiests one by one before locking the final mission.

The Nth Degree

Here's an idea for a casual deck that goes for Science lockout:

• Use Undercover Resource to generate extra card counters.
• Have Kieran MacDuff camp at an opponent's planet mission (the one you want to lock.)
• Use Flaw in the Plan / Unscientific Method / He Wasn't Nice / Secret Identity to take out opponent's Science when they are played or during the first mission attempts.
• Use MacDuff's ability to generate extra stops from bounce dilemmas like Healing Hand and Polywater Intoxication to help set up Chained Enforcement.
• When your opponent has the Science to complete, stop him with Founder Trap.
• Snipe Science personnel on the planet with Yuta.

Keep in mind that this is only a very coarse design and likely not very competitive as it is.


Discuss this article in this thread.

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

1S188•Mouth of the Wormhole, Deep Space 9
15V23•Aldea, Aid Legendary Civilization
14U56•Ceti Alpha V, Find Lifeless World
7U45•Advanced Battle Simulation
14U54•Elude Federation Forces

Draw Deck (42)
24V131x Christening
13C373x These Are The Voyages
4U803x Undercover Resource
23V223x Flaw in the Plan
3R723x Founder Trap
4C1561x •Aaron Conor, Born Leader
1U3211x •Brull, Encampment Leader
4R1571x •Crosis, Fanatical Lieutenant
11P241x •David Marcus, Young Scientist
17V731x Delvok
13C921x •Ezri Tigan, Soldier of Fortune
0VP292x •Ishara Yar, Deceitful Soldier
13C931x •Jadzia Dax, Soldier of Fortune
13C943x •Julian Bashir, Rebel Captain
15V401x •Kes, Experienced Ocampa
8R833x •Kieran MacDuff, Executive Officer
14C981x Maras
1U3351x •Marouk, Sovereign of Acamar
14C991x •Navaar, Experienced Gift
0AP91x •Persis, Loyal Daughter
7C1071x •Sigmund Freud, Father of Psychoanalysis
0VP621x •Tolian Soran, Renegade Scientist
13U981x •Weyoun, "Defective" Clone
29V513x •Yuta, Last of Her Line
10C1171x •Baxial, Salvage Ship
14C1202x •U.S.S. Reliant, Part of One Big Happy Fleet
Dilemma Pile (25)
29V12x Adopted Authority
10R21x An Issue of Trust
14R11x Back to Basics
17V61x He Wasn't Nice
22V41x Healing Hand
22V51x Honorable Pursuit
22V63x Infinite Diversity
28V21x Ingenious Jury-rig
22V82x Pitching In
18V52x Polywater Intoxication
3U263x Secret Identity
1R583x Unscientific Method
30V12x Chained Environment
27V11x Ardent Predator
7R151x Where No One Has Gone Before

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