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Return to Grace Releases Today!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

14th March 2014

Self-Replicating Roadblock

Today the Continuing Committee is proud to announce the release of Return to Grace, the sixteenth Second Edition virtual expansion. The high resolution PDF containing all fifty-four (54) cards is available for download from the Return to Grace section of the card list.

Return to Grace is the launching point for a new phase of Second Edition design and is an expansion themed around the discard pile. Featuring new and powerful cards for Bajorans and Cardassians, this expansion also features: dilemmas, missions, and more to encourage players of all affiliations and types to take a fresh look at their discard piles.

Return to Grace is tournament legal for sealed events immediately, but does not become legal for constructed tournaments until one week from today - March 21, 2014. Check out TCC's tournament listings to see if there's a Return to Grace release event in your area!

Celebrate the glorious return of the old ways with Return to Grace!

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