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Tribbles Updates

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

17th March 2014

Tribbles Updates
We know that many of you are preparing for a new Tribbles release in April as you plan for Tribbles Regionals all around the world. That makes it especially sad to announce that there will not be a new Tribbles expansion in April 2014. In addition, we will be implementing our first Tribbles errata - to the Sabotage power - effective immediately.

1,000 Sabotage

No April Release
Our tradition has always been to release a Tribbles expansion on the 1st of April. As we were planning our projects for 2014, we were forced to decide if we wanted to release a smaller Tribbles expansion in order to maintain the tradition; or, if we wanted to set the tradition aside to dedicate more time to design and development. We felt we would be doing a disservice to the Tribbles community by rushing and releasing something just to meet an April date, and thus made this difficult decision. It is possible that a release could happen later this year, or that we might just take 2014 off from Tribbles and return with a release in 2015. We will keep you informed; in the mean time, let us know what your preference would be in the Tribbles forum.

Today we are announcing the first ever errata to a Tribble power - Sabotage. This errata effects two cards released in 2013's Big Tribble in Little Qo'noS expansion: 10 Sabotage and 1,000 Sabotage. The change alters this power so that it can no longer target the player using the power, and can only target an opponent. The new text of the power reads as follows:

Choose an opponent to discard the top card of their draw deck. You may activate that tribble's power.

This change is being made because several cunning players discovered a "loop" deck using this power. This loop would allow players to go out almost every round, often without giving other players a turn. Obviously this kind of deck subverts the foundations and intentions of the game, and the only course of action is to make a change. As with all of our errata, this change is effective immediately.

We are dedicated to continuing support for Tribbles and will continue reading and responding to player feedback. We're just as disappointed as you that we're missing the annual spring release, but know that you wouldn't want us to rush and risk putting out a poor product just to meet a date. Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

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