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Regional Name Voting Begins!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

6th June 2008

When the Regions were created as we developed the organized play system, we gave each one a placeholder name. Europe would be the Gamma Quadrant, Australia and Asia would be the Delta Quadrant, and North America would be the Alpha Quadrant. It was always the intention to allow the residents of each Region to vote for the name of that Region, to replace the generic names. Well - that time is now.

If you have a registered account on our forum and you have set your Region in your profile, then you are eligible to vote for your Region's name. Point your browsers to our temporary Regional HQ page to cast your vote. You can vote for a previously suggested name, or write-in your own.

Voting will last from Friday, June 6th, 2008 until Midnight (server time) on Sunday, July 6th, 2008. This gives each Region thirty (30) days to talk and decide on a name. If you haven't set your Region in your profile, you can visit your profile page to do so now.

Users will be able to change their vote as often as they like, up until the deadline. However, casting a new vote will eliminate your previous vote. This means that you can't vote for each Region - only one vote will count, so make sure you vote for the Region you're in. In the event that a Region is tied between two names, then the decision will be made by that Region's Continental OP Coordinator.

Should two Regions decide on the same Region name, the Director of Organized Play will decide which Region earns which name. This decision will be made using "historical precedent" as a significant factor, but other factors will also be considered as well

Questions? Comments? Want to persuade your fellow citizens to choose your favorite name? Visit our forums to participate now!

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