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Raffle Reminder!

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

25th March 2014

To all active players with a raffle ticket to burn!

The 2014 Q1 Raffle bins will be closing in one week. Drop your virtual tickets in for whatever lot strikes your fancy at the Raffle section of the Promenade. While you are there, make sure your address is correct - remember if the prize is returned in the mail it goes into the next quarter's raffle!

I'm told by our chief programmer (and bean counter) that this Raffle has the lowest participation rate in a while. Some see this decline in tickets as a downer, I choose to see it as an opportunity! Never before has each player had greater odds in getting exactly the promos they desire.

Head over to the Promenade and stuff your favorite bin with virtual tickets. The last day to place tickets is Sunday, March 30th. On March 31st, the bins will be closed!

Don't have any raffle tickets? You can earn a few by purchasing or extending your premium membership status in the Promenade. Thanks for supporting the Continuing Committee!

And then...

Join us on the Continuing Committee's youtube channel for a live broadcast event on Saturday, April 5th at 6pm Pacific. I'll be your host, and in addition to announcing winners of each lot, I'll also be giving away door prizes to participants in the chat room. 1E, 2E and Tribbles are all up for grabs, but you need to be there to win.

Hope to see you there!

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