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First Edition "Business Card" Promo Now Available

by Jeremy Benedict, Chief Ambassador

31st March 2014

Have you met with your local Ambassador lately?

I love to give the Ambassadors extra tidbits of info or special things to share with their player groups, so when Charlie sent me a file with the message "Coming Soon" I was already primed to pass it along. Only catch was: I told them not to advertise. They had these cards but they could hand them out to people right away, especially new players.

New Frontiers

Back in 2010 we got our first promo that was released directly to the players to print, play, and hand out at will - Jean-Luc Picard, Genial Captain. What made this promo extra important was that it was designed to be a sort of "business card" for the CC. Not only was it another cool promo for everyone to print and play with, but also put the website address out in the hands of new and veteran players to share with their friends and local community. Several folks, including myself, even handed them out at events and dealer tables at GenCon when people were browsing/buying ST:CCG product. Kind of a pre-Ambassador promotion.

Since then, we also added a Tribbles version - 1 Tribble-Go, but several folks asked us when First Edition was going to get a turn.

Charlie shared with me that the original plan was to go with a Picard for 1E as well, then as the first block was wrapping up, they decided to go with Benjamin Sisko to tie it in with the upcoming DS9 block. The hard part is, you need some room to put the site info out there, and taking the lore off a personnel in First Edition can alter their gameplay significantly. Would you want to use a Sisko that has no Deep Space 9 text to allow him to report for free to the station, or identify him as a station commander? Eh, probably not...

So what makes sense to use for a card type that doesn't need lore to be functional so that space could be used? What about an Event? Sure, that doesn't usually have any gameplay function built into the lore box, so that whole space could be used for the "business card" text. So, we just needed something simple and flavorful to go along with the new block that just started.

First Edition faithful, wait no longer! Your new promo is finally here: New Frontiers! Same great gameplay, but with a new wormhole-flavored image. (Sorry, I don't recommend licking them to see what wormhole-flavored images really taste like.) The Ambassadors have had this promo as an exclusive to hand out until today, and now you can download and print your own to add to your decks, or better yet to give away to more new players.

The CC Ambassadors are a dedicated group of players that are focal points of their communities and our point of contact with the players. They provide information to new players and also get feedback from their play groups to pass along to the CC. If you or someone in your group is interested in becoming an Ambassador, please send me a PM and let me know about it. We are always looking for new members, especially in places that don't currently have an active Ambassador.

Not sure who your Ambassador(s) are, or if there's one close to you? Check out the Region HQ page for your area and you'll find their name(s) right at the top.

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