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New Errata and Second Edition Changes

by Nicholas Yankovec, Second Edition Brand Manager

6th April 2014

Two cards have today been given errata; these are Bat'leth and Trellium-D

Bat'leth now requires that you command a Klingon species personnel before playing it.

Trellium-D has had its cost increased to 2, and a reduction in cost of 1 for each Delphic Expanse mission you command.

These errata take effect immediately.

Now, you may ask who decides on errata and how it is implemented. Originally this was handled by the Rules Committee, then it was moved into Design. There was a watch list, and members of the relevant group added cards they felt warranted inclusion. It worked ok, but was slow and hidden from the public.

This is changing.

A new errata team has been set up to take charge of this. They will monitor the tournament scene, look for any cards that may not be working as intended, and add those to a new Watch List. The Rules Committee and Design may also request cards be added to the Watch List. Importantly, we're taking the Watch List public, so that everybody can see what cards are being considered. It's not quite ready yet, but this will list all cards currently being watched with a brief explanation of why.

The Errata Team

There are five members, one of which will be from the Rules Committee, and one from Design. All members will be chosen by myself, but importantly the team will change every three to six months to ensure it remains vigilant.

The first lead of the team will be John Corbett (KillerB). The rest of the team have the option to remain anonymous, if they wish, so I hope you will respect that.

The Proof Reading Team

In addition to the new Errata Team, we now have in place a proof reading team for both editions of the game. This should help with some issues that have been occurring lately. Again, the proof reading team is anonymous, but I hope you will welcome the assistance they will bring to the game.

Expect more changes on the way in our ongoing improvement of the Second Edition brand, including new play testing protocols, although this is on-going and will probably take a while to set up. I have a busy few months ahead, but am hoping we, as a community, can constantly improve the game we all love

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