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Celebrating Six Months

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th June 2008

Throughout the month of June, The Continuing Committee will be celebrating our six month anniversary by hosting and sponsoring a series of "town hall meetings," both on trekcc.org and on other community STCCG sites through the world. These meetings will allow the entire STCCG community to ask questions of Committee members, provide input on key issues, and help shape the future of the Committee and of the game.

The following is the current schedule of meetings. All of the times are GMT (with the local time appearing in parenthesis). Check out this website if you need help converting the times to your time zone.

SUNDAY 8 JUN 2008 // 1600 - 1800 (1200 - 1400)
Team Jersey
Join TCC Chairman Charlie Plaine in a message board chat and in the live chat room at teamjersey.net. Everyone is welcome to participate.

MONDAY 16 JUN 2008 // 0000 - 0130 (1900 - 2030)
Minnesota Trek Gamer's Board
Chairman Charlie Plaine continues the series of town hall meetings with a live message board chat on the boards of one of the largest gaming groups in the world.

Open Cards
Details for this town hall meetings are still being finalized, but Chairman Charlie Plaine and the entire Continuing Committee are dedicated to reaching out to European players as well as players all across the world.

If you have a STCCG website, podcast, newsletter or other publication, and are interested in hosting one of these town hall meetings, please contact Charlie Plaine either via private message (to MidnightLich) or via email (to cplaine AT gmail DOT com).

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