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Spotlight Contest Results: Only You Can Help

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th June 2008

Were you able to decode the transmission and determine who was the Dominion spy?

Odo & The Founder LeaderC l a r [i] t y
Seven Elevated Jem'HadarB r e d f o r B a t t l [e]
Part of Odo & Dr. BashirE n e m y i [n] Y o u r M [i] d s t
Dukat & WeyounV o [r] t a C l [o] n i n g
Weyoun & Some Jem'HadarB u i l d i n g a [B] r i d g e
Founder Leader & WeyounT h e F [o] u n d e r i s W i s [e]
(garbled)'s WarshipT e n a [k] ['] t a l a r
Late War Ally's ShipT y [k] k

The marked letters are ieniroBoek'k, which can be unscrambled to Keiko O'Brien! Well, both Johannes Klarhauser and Richard New did, and each of them will be getting a shiny Tragic Turn foil sent their way. Thank you to everyone that entered and I hope you had fun decoding the message!

We hope you're enjoying these contests! Check back each week for more and more of them! There are still a lot more Tragic Turn foils to give away!

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