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Thunder Road: Spirit in the Night

by Mike O'Shogay, Staff Writer

21st May 2014

I have heard many times that there isn't enough deck analysis and deck breakdown out there for players. 'Why did you use this card over others?' and such... With this article series, I plan to take a deck that I have built and breakdown the choices that I made for each card in the deck with some dilemma theory and examples included. I think all of this is good for newer players and players looking to get into more competitive Second Edition. Even if my decks are terrible, at least my reasoning is out there.

A little about myself…I’ve played Star Trek: CCG since First Contact for First Edition, all the way through the current day for Second Edition. We played casual in our play group for most of the time. During the Continuing Committee era, we got more competitive and started going to tournaments.

As for what I have accomplished…not a whole lot really; took 1st place on day 1 of NA Continentals in 2009, and placed 2nd or 3 rd in some of the largest Regionals from 2010 - 2012. Is that good enough? Probably not, but I’m all there is right now for a complete deck breakdown.

Why listen to what I have to say? What have I accomplished? You might be asking yourself. Well, I’m putting out the reasoning behind the card choices I make, which I haven’t really seen done on this website before.

This opening might sound familiar... that’s because it is. I subscribe to the old comic book adage; “Every comic book is someone’s first comic book,” and as such I’ll start each article the same.


I just wanted to highlight a blog post from three years ago by Nate Wineinger (Naetor) in the blogs section about deckbuilding. I stick out like a sore thumb in that post. Some of the best players in the world were interviewed about deckbuilding….and then I was interviewed. It’s a good read for anyone just getting in the game or for those looking to elevate their game. 

Earring of Li Nalas

Now on to our regularly scheduled article. Return to Grace really gave Bajorans a huge boost with many cards but none more than their new headquarters mission: Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets. The ability to play equipment artifacts prior to completing a mission is disgusting. There are so many options you have but I think it may be best used in a Bajoran Resistance deck with the Earring of Li Nalas.

I wouldn’t say this particular build is Tier One, more like Tier 2 or 3 as it is weak to a lot of common dilemmas. The fun in this game isn’t necessarily to play what is the best but what you enjoy. I personally have never built a Bajoran Resistance deck before so this is definitely a new experience for me. Join me as I delve into an unknown territory to me with Bajoran Resistance. 


The mission set for this deck is a rather boring one. Not really a whole lot going on here…Gotcha! This deck highlights missions from Return to Grace and some of the better Continuing Committee Era missions. Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets is a major boon to Bajoran players everywhere. This gives them a potential Tier One deck where I believe one didn’t exist before. The best Bajoran build with this is probably a High Integrity Micro-Solver but that’s not where I’m taking them right away.

Metron Arena, Resolving Standing Conflict is the anti-skill surgeon card. Now Far-Seeing Eyes gets around this because it just removes them from the deck, however this does for the most part stop Greasy Dukat shenanigans. I believe this is good for the game, as I always have advocated for errata but will see where this goes. This deck needs all the personnel it has so this is an auto include. While this deck seems weak to a Tragic Turn build, I’ll get into some of the defenses the deck boasts later.  Speaking of working against skill surgeon decks…Starbase 718, Investigate Cryosatellite. Once completed, it can help you recur some of your early losses for personnel. Now to do this, you have to complete but the skill set necessary for this mission is very easy. 

Off-World Raid is the token staple of Bajoran Resistance missions. Very easy requirements and the ability to shuffle all your used Assault Events and Handweapons back into your deck is the cherry on top. I would be lying if I said that Provoke Interstellar Incident was included for its ability….it’s not. It is an easy strength mission for them to do and in all reality would never be attempted unless circumstances require it.

Pink Flagship

The ideal order to completion for the deck is first Starbase 718, Investigate Cryosatellite, then Off-World Raid, then you have options. If you have not needed your Just Like Old Times for abilities then they could be used to round the corner. If you have, the last mission to completion would be Metron Arena, Resolving Standing Conflict. Just be aware a single An Issue of Trust will stop you cold here. 


Every deck starts with an inspiration…this one was Te'nari, Resistance Flagship. It’s the engine that makes Bajoran Resistance go, so this deck gets the full set of three. To help go grab one of these is a pair of Tacking into the Wind. This card is the game’s best jack of all trades master of none. It costs 4 but discounts later in the game. This deck runs only five ships in a fifty-one card deck. So if you don’t draw a ship early, don’t hesitate to burn one of these to get your flagship card.

This engine, however, does need some fuel to help it run. The deck boasts the full set of Just Like Old Times and Bajoran Phaser Pistols. I have also included a pair of Resistance Rifles, in addition to being able to be burned for fuel it helps with Cunning and Integrity dilemmas. I have also included a single copy of Deela, Weary Caretaker as she can also help fuel your Bajoran Resistance Orders. 

With your engine up and going, this deck has a few ways to abuse Te'nari, Resistance Flagship’s gametext. Furel, Resistance Scout allows you to unstop stopped Bajoran Resistance personnel. He’s very useful on a planet mission, when you can use a second away team. If you need a way to pass dilemmas or want to go grab an Artifact, you can use the ability on Surmak Ren, Resistance Doctor to download a copy of Natural Instincts or Fajo's Menagerie. Paenol, Resistance Soldier is in the deck to give you some disruption options if you need it since I am not using Grav-Plating Trap.

To take full advantage of Bajor’s new Headquarters I have included a few Artifacts to help bust dilemmas and protect your attempting teams. The Sword of Kahless can act as a huge strength boost.  There are seven personnel in this deck with Honor. It also doubles for fuel in the event you need it for that purpose. I have included a single copy of the Earring of Li Nalas as it enables stop prevention for Bajorans, which is something they don’t normally have.   

The last Artifact I have included doesn’t help you pass dilemmas but protects your away team instead. I decided to go with two copies of Tox Uthat as opposed to three. Three is a little overkill for a unique equipment even though it is very good. Due to its own text, the Tox Uthat is put on the bottom of your deck so if you need to go grab it again just play a Fajo's Menagerie. In addition to being a way to grab any equipment, Fajo's Menagerie will also draw you a card for each non-handweapon equipment, which in this deck is only two at most, but is included for its primary ability of downloading.

Colonel Day


One of the most important cards to come out of Return to Grace is Self-Replicating Roadblock. This can shut down any one dilemma or event, such as Biogenic Weapon, from being played to the mission. This combined with Krim, Thoughtful Tactician is a very powerful combination. If you can delineate what kind of dilemmas your opponent is playing you can really nerf their pile. Also, they can be used to stop the dilemmas this deck is weak against; Gomtuu Shock Wave, An Issue of Trust, Greater Needs, and Where No One Has Gone Before are the big four. These dilemmas are why this deck is a Tier 2-3 deck at best. If you can’t beat those it will be hard for you to win in a competitive environment. 

In addition to just flat stopping dilemmas, this deck needs a few more ways to pass dilemmas. Since there is a good chunk of Bajoran Resistance personnel in the deck, Natural Instincts is an easy fit for skill gaining. As a way to help pass the 8-coster dilemmas and even Gomtuu Shock Wave, Azeni Meressa, Resistance Spy will reduce one of the skill requirements by one - so you can get in with a

Natural Instincts to pass them. 


If there is one thing the Bajoran Resistance is good at, it’s their Strength attribute. Orta, Resistance Leader is a way to make each of your Bajoran Resistance personnel attributes +1. Not only does this allow you to help pass certain dilemmas, but also complete the mission with only a few personnel. The original resistance leader, Shakaar Edon, Resistance Leader, just boosts the strength on all of your guys. This allows easier combat and also allows for fewer guys to complete missions. Unlike Orta, Resistance Leader his ability is always active. 

Every deck needs some utility and some role players. If you need to get something back from your discard pile such as a Tacking into the Wind you can play Kira Nerys, Lela. If you need more points you can play Day Kannu, Field Colonel and win a combat with Just Like Old Times to score 20 points instead of the normal 15. There are few ways to shut personnel down, Odo, Constable shuts down the treacherous lot of them. He needs to be dealt with first if your opponent wants to use Kruge, Instinctive Commander at that mission.

Every deck also needs personnel that help you complete missions by filling skill gaps. While also providing some disruption, Ro Laren, Maquis Sympathizer helps complete every mission. The next bunch of personnel have all been included for either mission skills or solely to help pass dilemmas.  Kulan, Militia Soldier, Razka Karn, Scavenger, and Tahna Los, Voice of the Kohn-Ma all provide Navigation which this deck needs. Lenaris Holem, Bold Veteran and Li Nalas, Legend of Bajor both provide additional Leadership as well as Officer which this deck requires for mission skills. 

Metron Arena

Since I have included three copies of Te'nari, Resistance Flagship, I wanted to include a couple other ships for the late game when you need to switch personnel out between your Headquarters and your attempting mission. So I found two ships that do more than just ferry your personnel. If you wish to use Just Like Old Times to score bonus points take the Kitara to do it. If you do and your opponent beams personnel down or away from the mission, you can recur any card in your discard pile to your hand. The last ship is Xhosa, Sponsored Transport. This card allows you to recur any personnel or equipment from your discard pile as long as it’s staffed and at a Non-Headquarters mission at the start of your turn.


This is the first new deck I have built in a very long time and I have Return to Grace (along with the designers/playtesters/volunteers) to thank for it. It is a very inspiring set and I’m glad it was printed as is (minor dilemma interactions not withstanding). As far as the rest of the set, I’m excited to see what this does to the world meta, as I have been saying it’s been stale for a long time. Hopefully cards like Metron Arena, Resolving Standing Conflict push people away from playing the high kill skill surgeon decks. Self-Replicating Roadblock will hopefully encourage dilemma diversity within the standard Filter-Filter-Wall generic piles creating a new mix of dilemmas. Finally, I hope Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets leads to other affiliations getting a new Headquarters. I think there are three affiliations that greatly benefit from their Headquarters game text in Starfleet and TOS Feds. I think bringing up some of the weaker affiliations by giving them a little power boost via their HQ is long deserved. 

Just to pose a question: if the TOS headquarters didn’t have the draw one extra game text on it, how powerful would they be?  I don’t think they would be all that weaker, but they definitely get a bump from getting an extra counter every turn as long as you draw one. 


I plan on writing this as a series and as such I will be going over a lot of different decks I have together from Maquis Disruption with a Tragic Turn Kill Pile, Starfleet At What Blast, more Romulan shenanigans and even one or two traditional decks. For some of the decks I use the same dilemma pile but will always detail something about them, such as: combos, theory, or even examples of different types of dilemma piles like a Tragic Turn pile.

For any suggestions, questions, or concerns please PM.  Deck List can be found here.

Discuss this article in this thread.


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

30V24•Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets
30V29•Metron Arena, Resolve Standing Conflict
23V30•Off-World Raid
28V23•Provoke Interstellar Incident
30V32•Starbase 718, Investigate Cryosatellite

Draw Deck (51)
1U623x Bajoran Phaser Pistol
23V121x •Earring of Li Nalas
23V132x •Resistance Rifle
4R341x •The Sword of Kahless
12R212x •Tox Uthat
1U923x Just Like Old Times
30V173x Self-Replicating Roadblock
25V162x Tacking Into the Wind
10C403x Fajo's Menagerie
4U913x Natural Instincts
26V272x •Azeni Meressa, Resistance Spy
4U1011x •Day Kannu, Field Colonel
30V341x •Deela, Weary Caretaker
23V311x •Furel, Resistance Scout
17V521x •Kira Nerys, Lela
4R1042x •Krim, Thoughtful Tactician
4C1051x •Kulan, Militia Soldier
7U551x •Lenaris Holem, Bold Veteran
1S2171x •Li Nalas, Legend of Bajor
1R2201x •Odo, Constable
23V363x •Orta, Resistance Leader
25V231x •Paenol, Resistance Soldier
4C1071x •Razka Karn, Scavenger
2C1091x •Ro Laren, Maquis Sympathizer
1R2242x •Shakaar Edon, Resistance Leader
23V381x •Surmak Ren, Resistance Doctor
3U1152x •Tahna Los, Voice of the Kohn-Ma
2R1691x •Kitara
23V523x •Te'nari, Resistance Flagship
24V411x •Xhosa, Sponsored Transport

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