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Quark, Intriguing Ferengi

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

9th June 2014

Quark Armin Shimerman has got to have some friends in high places. First, the Continuing Committee gave us a TNG version of Quark. Then the last block set gave us both a Bajoran version and a Cardassian version. In this release, we get a Maquis version. (It makes me wonder if a Dominion version is coming next.)

This version of Quark comes from the storyline in the DS9 episodes "The Maquis", where he encountered Sakonna and became a middleman and broker in getting weapons to a new group which turned out to be the Maquis. This has earned him a Maquis icon and a Non-Aligned border, as well as the "arms dealer" characteristic.

As a [Maq] , he can enable or benefit from several of the new mechanics which come out in this set, as well as the few older abilities such as reporting to the Liberty. As an arms dealer, he can allow your Breen CRM114 to report (which can let it be downloaded by his friend Shankar, who you'll see in the next few weeks), and can get more latinum from the 34th Rule of Acquisition.

And his special skill is a doozy: when boosted by a [Maq] Treachery present, he tries to impress Sakonna, and gains a bevy of other regular skills. Among them are SECURITY and Biology, which are good for many things individually, and together can help with Flaxian Assassin and Undercover Agent. Computer Skill x2 will help against dilemmas like Dejaren and Ferengi Ingenuity, and with his Diplomacy he can single-handedly pass Flim-Flam Artist -- that is, provided that he is boosted (by [Maq] Treachery) and it's not (by Access Denied).

His Acquisition is standard for a Ferengi, and not unheard of for [DS9] Non-Aligned. But it's relatively rare for the Maquis, and particularly helpful at the new DMZ mission. In fact, when boosted, he supplies all of its skill requirements.

And let's not forget that he is simply Quark, and available not only to the Maquis but to everyone who can use [NA] personnel.  Runabout Search will download him when you solve it.  If Crossover is in play, he can download a Multidimensional Transport Device. He passes Center of Attention ... and of course, he reports for free to Quark's Bar.

What deck will you use him in?


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