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The 2015 World Championships

by Matthyas Kiraly, Director of Organized Play

18th June 2014

After what promises to be a massive 2014 World Championships at GenCon Indy in August, the 2015 Worlds will make a return to the home of Star Trek CCG in Australia: Sydney, New South Wales!

In 2012, Australia hosted the biggest five-day event in the history of the game. The Australian organising team are aiming to up the ante on this, and are planning to pull all stops in 2015 for an even bigger five days of Trek, indeed, aiming for one of the greatest Star Trek CCG experiences ever in the modern game.

This next chapter in Star Trek CCG history will be written in September 2015 and will span five days of non-stop* gaming! That's right, once again there will be First Edition, Second Edition, plenty of impromptu Tribbles CCG, as well as non-STCCG Trek games like Star Trek Attack Wing, and even non-Trek card and board games in the down-time! Of course, the event will also host the biggest Star Trek CCG tournaments on the planet, with the World Championship titles up for grabs across First Edition, Second Edition, and Tribbles CCG.

The team are putting out the call now. There is plenty of lead-up time (15 months), and there are already reports of returning travellers who have put their hands up in anticipation. This is one event they don't want to miss, and neither do you.

Come for Trek alone, or make it a vacation. Australia is an awesome place to visit, with lots to see and do, and the Australian people are some of the friendliest you'll ever meet.

It's not hard: put away $20 (or equivalent local currency) a week starting today, and by next year you will be well on your way to an experience of a lifetime!



2015 Star Trek CCG World Championships

Host: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Venue: TBA** (possibly a return to Bankstown Sports Club)
Date: TBA** (projecting 16-20 September or 23-27 September 2015)


More information about the 2015 World Championships will be coming soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or are looking for general advice on making your way Down Under, feel free to ask! Anything specific, please PM the Australian Continental Coordinator, chompers, or me, stoovie.


*While we're not at the bar and/or sleeping, that is!
**Venue and date details coming soon.


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