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Cristoffer Wiker is the New First Edition Brand Manager

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

28th July 2014

Today we are proud to announce that Cristoffer Wiker, a.k.a. Smiley, has accepted the position of First Edition Brand Manager. Cristoffer has been working in this role behind the scenes for a few weeks now, and we're happy to make his place in the position public. The First Edition Brand Manager is responsible for managing all the First Edition projects for the Continuing Committee, including ensuring expansions are released regularly and our volunteer needs are met. It's a demanding and time-intensive position we're happy that Cristoffer has accepted. Here's what Cristoffer had to say:

Wow! did this just happen?

Anyhow, I'm flattered and really humbled to take this next step within the Continuing Committee with the support of Mr. Plaine and his fantastic staff. I've been with this game since I first stumbled over a Premiere booster, sporting black boarded cards, through the days of being an Ambassador for Decipher to all the positions I have held behind the curtain of the Committee.

I would like to thank everyone that came before me, who throughout the years have continued to deliver fantastic contents for the game, and especially to all the players who invest their time and love in this game. You've set a good standard and I will strive for excellence.

I think that I'm not alone in being all excited about the future of 1E. I, like many before, will do my best to strengthen the brand and assimilate as many opponents... no, that should be "as much knowledge" as possible!

Let's all play the game and have fun together, expanding our power in the universe.

Cristoffer has already been hard at work planning projects for the rest of 2014 and 2015. He, with the rest of our staff, will continue to work hard to bring you high quality First Edition news, projects, expansions, and more as we move forward. Join me in welcoming Cristoffer to the team, and celebrating the bright future of First Edition.

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