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Russian Second Edition Nationals 2014

by Andrey Larin

27th August 2014

Now that the dust has settled after the World Championships it is time to announce the Russian National Championships 2014! This year we will break the tradition of holding this event in Kazan and bring the best of our players back to Moscow.

Sunday 12th October. Warm up Delphic Draft on Saturday 11th October.

The event will take place at
Oleg’s House
Ulitsa Nametkina, House 9 Building 3,
Apt 307,
Moscow, Russia 117420

Saturday 11th October - 3pm-9pm - Second Edition - Delphic Draft
Sunday 12th October - 11am-6pm - Second Edition - National Championships (Standard Constructed)

Also, as usual we will be inviting everyone to join our Dream Team competition for a chance to win this year's Russian Promo card. In October, players from Moscow, Kazan, Saratov and other cities all over Russia will try to claim the title of Russian National Champion. If you want to join them make sure you pre-register!

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