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Conversion Rules Update

by Jon Carter, First Edition Rules Master

1st September 2014

The Rules Committee has updated the conversion rules.

The large numbers of conversions to First Edition (1E) template pushed us to do this. For now, we have an update that's mostly housekeeping: correcting typos and sentence fragments, removing references to cards that have since been converted, and the like. In coming months, we plan to make further changes.

Among other aims, we will take into account the plan of 2E design that backwards-compatible cards are a thing of the past. These rules which govern them therefore have no more need to be future-proofed, and text which is overly general, or has become obsolete through 1E conversions, can be simplified or eliminated.

Other than this housekeeping, there is one new ruling this month: * A new entry, to define in 1E, the 2E term "gaining skills".

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