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UK National Championships 2014

by Paddy Tye, Warden of the North and Port Connoisseur

2nd September 2014

With Worlds now behind us, it's time to fight for the glory of the British Empire and determine who is the true master of being a Hollywood Bad Guy! UK Nationals are being held in Manchester once again this year. Last year saw the UK's highest ever turnout for a Nationals event, with our German colleagues making the effort to join us for an awesome weekend of Trek. So, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! We're heading back to Manchester once again!

Saturday 22nd November and Sunday 23rd November

The event will take place at:
17 Newton Street
Near Winterfell
The North
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Saturday 22nd November - 11am til 6pm - Second Edition National Championships (5 rounds, Standard Constructed)
Sunday 23rd November - 11am til 5pm - First Edition National Championships (4 rounds, OTF Constructed)

Will Johannes return to the UK to fight for his 2E crown? Will Danny Nuttall return from his 1E hiatus to defend his National title for 1E? Will the Germans invade? Will anyone get "sexecuted" by Niall? Will Nick take a selfie?

God Save The Queen!

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