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Dominating The Alpha Quadrant

by Nicholas Yankovec, Dominion Dork

8th September 2014

An awful lot has been spoiled and discussed about the updated Terok Nor faction, but the two cards spoiled today aren't limited to just the Terok Nor affiliation...


First up is Edan'Atal a non-unique Jem'Hadar with the Alpha keyword and Terok Nor icon. He's the first TN Alpha, which means at last you can make use of the Subek'somac, Alpha Attack Ship; but we're not here to discuss Terok Nor.

Edan'Atal has four skills, three of which are quite common for Jem'Hadar, and attributes of Integrity 2, Cunning 1, Strength 4, which would make you think that he's not really a great fit into a Dominion Strength deck. But his ability is just one of the things that make him shine.

There are currently five Alpha Jem'Hadar, only one of which is non-unique. With the addition of Edan'Atal, you can now have ten Alphas in play. And there are some great missions for these guys...

So which missions are so great?

First of all, make sure you're stocking 3x copies of the Subek'somac, Alpha Attack Ship - it plays at cost -1 for every Alpha PLUS you can use Strength instead of Cunning or Integrity when facing dilemmas.

My personal favourite is Elude Federation Forces. This requires 2x Astrometrics and 2x Navigation. Kudek'Etan, Arrogant First. has Astrometrics and Navigation, as does Umat'Adan, Eager Fifth. The 0-cost non-unique Turan'Ekan has Navigation, and now Edan'Atal supplies more Astrometrics. That's a possible 5 Astrometrics and 5 Navigation from these personnel.

Another great Dominion mission is Penetrate Enemy Lines, requiring Astrometrics, Leadership, Navigation and a Jem'Hadar. Kudek'Etan, Arrogant First has all these requirements by himself. We've seen we already have a lot of Astrometrics and Navigation, so try including some more Leadership. Crom, Open-minded and Martok Founder, Poison of the Empire, both provide high strength, extra Leadership, and both have Diplomacy to get past of the annoying Gomtuu Shockwave, which you'll be passing with Strength, don't forget. If you're using the Subek'somac, Alpha Attack Ship, it's probably worth attempting two space missions.

We need a planet mission, so what about The Siege of AR-558 - a 40 point mission, which has five skills - Engineer, Leadership, Physics, Programming, and Security. Note that Edan'Atal has THREE of these skills. The other two Alphas; Duran'Adar, Attentive Sixth and Lumat'Ukan, Resourceful Third, both have Programming.

Throw in Odo, The Great Link's Saviour, as he's amazing, and Amat'igan, Founder Bodyguard, to protect from kill piles, and you're mostly all set to go. Throw in one other Strength mission; I recommend Provoke Interstellar Treaty, and you get the full benefit of Crom, Open-minded as well.

But what about Edan'Atal's awful attributes?

War of Attrition

Edan'Atal's special ability states; "The highest cost dilemma an opponent owns that has been removed from the game has that dilemma’s cost added to this personnel’s attributes".

In any typical game, you're bound to encounter one copy of the popular dilemma Hard Time. This gets removed from the game, so without doing anything you'll probably have attributes of 5/4/7, which certainly aren't bad.

However, the other card released today is War of Attrition. You may need to splash some other Terok Nor personnel in (use the 1-cost Jem'Hadar, great fodder for Our Death Is Glory To The Founders) to get this on the table early enough, but once you do your opponent will be removing dilemmas on each of their turns. You might get unlucky with 0-costers, but then you might get lucky and get a nice high cost dilemma.

Without Terok Nor, you might have more limited options on removing dilemmas from the game, but there's always the good standby of Ohhhh! Nothing Happened. I'd recommend targeting these dilemmas:

Necessary Execution - 5 cost, boosting Edan'Atal's attributes to 7/6/9. Most decks contain this dilemma, it's more than likely you'll find one.
Tsiolovsky Infection - 8 cost, can be fairly hard for this deck to pass, and makes Edan'Atal 10/9/12 - whoa, that's pretty amazing attributes.
Distress Call - 9 cost, a dilemma that can punish you for attempting more than one space mission, it might be worth trying to remove this dilemma for that and attributes of 11/10/13.

The attached deck list has a few other cards thrown in to help out; Explicit Orders is great for gaining another Diplomacy or Intelligence, if they end up filtered out, and using the extra copies of Crom and Martok for this. All the missions are Alpha, so why wouldn't you put in Gelnon as well?

I love Edan'Atal. And yet he's not my favourite card in this expansion...

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Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

3S92•Founders' Homeworld, Home of the Great Link
3U109•The Siege of AR-558
14U54•Elude Federation Forces
26V24•Penetrate Enemy Lines
28V23•Provoke Interstellar Incident

Draw Deck (40)
1C751x Astrometrics Lab
6P273x Ohhhh! Nothing Happened!
3R622x The Manheim Effect
14R431x •U.S.S. Enterprise-J
2C691x Unexpected Difficulties
31V233x •War of Attrition
5P192x Explicit Orders
3R742x Our Death is Glory To the Founders
22V341x •Amat'igan, Founder Bodyguard
26V283x •Crom, Open-minded
31V323x Edan'Atal
6P461x •Gelnon, Aloof Tactician
0P92x •Kudak'Etan, Arrogant First
6P481x •Lamat'Ukan, Resourceful Third
3S1622x •Martok Founder, Poison of the Empire
3S1631x Noret'ikar
3C1641x Odera'Klen
14R722x •Odo, The Great Link's Savior
3C1651x Rak'tazan
8C703x Turan'Ekan
10C591x •Umat'Adan, Eager Fifth
25V533x •Subek'somac, Alpha Attack Ship

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