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Final Weeks to Apply for or Renew a 2014-2015 WCT League

by Matthyas Kiraly, Director of Organized Play

20th September 2014

Applications have already been submitted for leagues in the following areas, as well as online.

Space Coast Central Command - Melbourne, FL
Vault of Eternal Destitution - Marysville/Seattle area, WA
Infinite Diversity in Chicago - Chicago, IL
OrlAndorians - Orlando, FL
T2E Tough Enough - Twin Cities area, MN
Starbase 1816 - Indianapolis, IN
Deck 42 - Charlotte, NC
61 IDICies - Fargo, ND
Church of Kahless - Denison, TX
Unimatrix 001 - Vienna or Graz, Austria
WCT London - London, United Kingdom

Team WA - Perth, WA

WCT Online - www.trekcc.org

Don't see a league in your area? Contact your local Ambassador, Tournament Director, or League Director, and get them to sign up right away. Alternatively, if you have enough players, why not consider starting your own league!

Click here to visit the original 2014-2015 WCT Leagues announcement article, or see below for application details.

Note that WCT League applications are being accepted through to the start of the League season in October 2014, however late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Apply to Run a WCT League in Your Area!

Is a WCT League happening in your area this season? Pester your League Director to get your Team re-signed for another year! Or, are you new to Leagues and want to get something happening in your area? Get your players together and decide on a Cool Team Nameā„¢ for your League!

The next step is to send your application via forum PM to "stoovie" with the following details:

For more details on previous WCT League teams, as well as a comprehensive list of all WCT League players and lifetime League points scored, check out the WCT Leagues page.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the WCT League that are not answered in the Organized Play Guide, please send me a message.

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