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2014 Period of Review - The Year in Review

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

20th September 2014

As previously announced, we will be hosting a series of Google Hangouts as part of our 2014 Period of Review. The first of these discussions will take place this Sunday, September 28th at 6 PM Eastern and will focus the organization as a whole.

The discussion thread for this Hangout is now live, and we are looking for you to post about what topics you'd like to see covered. In addition, we will allocate time to answer questions from that thread and from the live audience during the Hangout.

The focus of this panel will be on The Continuing Committee overall and its successes and failures over the past year. Topics such as the specific games and organized play will be discussed at a high level only, with the details being covered in later reviews specific to those topics. Among other things, topics will include recruitment and community and volunteer support.

Our guests for this panel will be:

This panel will be moderated by Allen Gould [AllenGould].

In addition to taking questions live from the Trekcc.org Chat Room, we will be taking questions from our Twitter and Facebook pages to make sure everyone that wants to be involved will have a way to communicate with us. It is our hope that these live Hangouts will continue to transform the Period of Review from the stale formality of old to a living, thriving process that will provoke real communication and inspire new levels of confidence and accountability within the community and the organization.

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