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2015 World Championships - Venue and Date Information

by Matthyas Kiraly, Director of Organized Play

5th October 2014

We are happy to announce that the venue for the 2015 World Championships has been booked, as such we can announce the details for the venue, as well as the event dates of Wednesday the 23rd to Sunday the 27th of September 2015!

Parramatta RSL


The Sydney suburb of Parramatta, recently crowned as New South Wales' most livable suburb, will play host to the 2015 Star Trek CCG World Championships.

Parramatta RSL

As the largest city in the Sydney district outside of the Sydney CBD (central business district) itself, Parramatta is blessed with a swathe of accommodation, restaurant, bar, and cafe options, but with a relaxed, hip, and healthy atmosphere that we feel is conducive to a fantastic Worlds experience both inside and outside of the gaming room.

The following summary is from the TimeOut website page for Parramatta:

Parramatta is home to many of the nation’s oldest buildings and also some of its newest. The city’s reputation as a commercial capital is well earned – it is truly Sydney’s second CBD, with the fourth-biggest Westfield in Australia and, in Church Street, a lively al fresco “eat street”. But Parramatta is more than that.

The hum of industry has also made it a hotbed for artists, musos, chefs, retailers and visionaries. Parramatta’s streets have found themselves abuzz with pop-up shops, art studios and reactivated laneways. On the breeze you’ll smell artisan bread-making, coffee couture and the aromas of ancient and contemporary cuisines. Film events are flickering to life in cinemas, bars and beneath the stars, and Riverside Theatres offers a smorgasbord of song, dance and unique performances. Festivals are descending on the precinct, and they all speak of Parramatta as a place of colour, culture and creativity. Here, bars are bistros and band venues. Restaurants double as wineries and microbreweries. Arcades house galleries, bakeries, yum cha palaces and amazing shops and boutiques. Markets spill onto footpaths and into civic squares.

Parramatta RSL

The following threads have been set up to discuss travel, accommodation, and tourism options. If you have any questions about your planned trip to the event, post your question and the Australian team on the forums will do their best to give you an answer. You can also use these forums to coordinate your trip with other players, including any planning of shared rooms. Or feel free to create your own discussion thread!

2015 Worlds: Travel
2015 Worlds: Accommodation
2015 Worlds: Tourism


Parramatta RSL

After much review, we feel the venue chosen aligns with what we want for the venue of the greatest event on the Star Trek CCG calendar, and maintains the great standards set by the first time the Worlds came to Australia in 2012.

The Paramatta RSL (Returned Services League) recently underwent a $3 million refurbishment into the new contemporary entertainment complex, and premier function venue that meets and exceeds the standards we set for a World Championships venue in Australia.

Perfectly suited for the needs of local and travelling players, with a bar, cafe, and restaurant within the venue (many more surrounding the venue), and walking distance to a number of accommodation options within the Parramatta CBD.

Parramatta RSL is also within walking distance to a large, modern shopping compex for all your needs during the five days of the Worlds.

Parramatta RSL

Parking Facilities
Players may make use of the complimentary (free) parking in the multi-storey car park located across the road from the venue.

Parramatta RSL

Public Transport
Central to Parramatta CBD, Parramatta RSL is located just a short stroll from Parramatta Train Station. There is also the Loop bus, a free bus that operates throughtout the day hours through the Parramatta CBD (click here for a PDF map).

Treetops Cafe
Silver Spoon Restaurant


Wednesday the 23rd of September 2015 to Sunday the 27th of September 2015

We expect the venue to be the home for all players for the massive five days of Trek we have planned, with the exception of the Australian Biermeister Worlds, which is to be once again run at Maloney's Hotel in the city.

There will also be warm-up events the weekend before. More information on those, as well as the tournament schedule, coming soon.

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