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OP Interim Ruling: Differential and Non-Standard Win Conditions

by Matthyas Kiraly, Director of Organized Play

10th October 2014

This is a clarification on Section 7.4 of the Organized Play Guide (Version 4.1).

The current section detailing the calculation of Differential at the end of a round has been reviewed by the OP team. We have expanded the section to make it more readible, and clarified some details to better explain what happens in the different scenarios that can occur. The term "non-score means" has been removed, expanding on the victory scenarios outside of normal victory conditions by differentiating between the following:

1. Concession, or other external means such as Code of Conduct disqualification.
2. Gameplay-based effects, or when both players deck out.

This interim ruling applies until this is integrated into the next revision of the OPG, coming later this year. It is subject to change in the final version, and any rewordings will be documented in the announcement article for the updated OPG.

A player's Differential for the round is calculated by subtracting the opponent's final score from the player's final score.

For Example: If Paul beats George by 100-35; Paul receives a Differential of +65 (100-35=65), and George receives a Differential of -65 (35-100=-65).

The following rules apply:

*If rules specify a change of the required points from those in the game's normal victory conditions specified in the rulebook, Differential is instead capped at that number.

For Example: In a Second Edition Slipstream tournament, where you only need 50 points to win; points in excess of 50 do not count towards Differential, players with an Earned Bye receive a Differential of +50, and if a game ends due to concession or external means, the winning player receives a Differential of +50 and his or her opponent receives a Differential of -50, and if the game ends due to gameplay or deck-out, the winning player (based on points scored and missions completed), receives a score of 50 points.



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