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General Korok

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

5th December 2014

General Korok

The Borg expansion gave us not only a large update to the [Bor] affiliation, but also a good number of de-assimilated Borg. The kids, the triplets, and Riley and Orum … but none of the "dissidents" from Unimatrix Zero. This lack became more noticeable in the more recent Life from Lifelessness expansion, where we got a Renegade Borg Sphere, with lore indicating a matching commander. And now, four years later, we have that commander: General Korok!

From his pre-assimilated existence, he has OFFICER and a command star, as well as a solid skill set. He's a general, which will help with Executive Authorization and Dignitaries and Witnesses. And besides his de-assimilation affiliation of [NA], he also maintains the affiliation of his heritage, like Orum, and Riley Frazier before him. From his period as a Borg, he has a Defense subcommand and a [DQ] icon, plus a persona name: Six of Ten (same as his card title in Second Edition).

Due to his various icons and characteristics, he can fit into several decks quite naturally.


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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
82 U1x Assist Cooperative
37 U1x Establish Settlement
89 U1x Inversion Mystery
92 U1x Liberation
95 U1x Reinitialize Warp Reaction
106 U1x Unseat Dictator

Seed Deck (28)
1 S 171x Command Decisions
2 V1x Deliberate Tactical Error
60 VP1x Denevan Neural Parasites
4 V1x Divided Loyalties
94 VP1x Ferengi Infestation
C1x Friendly Fire
U1x Gravitic Mine
C1x Hazardous Duty
4 V1x Hunter Probe
5 V1x Important Guests
8 V1x Magnetic Field Disruptions
C1x Navigational Hazards
U1x Null Space
19 VP1x Personal Duty
U1x Punishment Box
17 V1x Subspace Shock Wave
C1x Surprise Assault
1 C 601x Wavefront
P1x Space-Time Portal
46 R1x Ancestral Vision
16 V1x Shades of Gray: Anguish
56 S1x Nekrit Supply Depot
59 R1x Caretaker's Array
61 VP1x Quark's Isolinear Rods
18 V1x Assign Mission Specialists
39 C1x Assign Support Personnel
41 U1x Defend Homeworld
128 R+1x I.K.C. Voq'leng

Draw Deck (37)
31 U1x Ready Room Door
C2x D'k Tahg
C2x Plasmadyne Relay
55 VP1x Defiant Dedication Plaque
R1x Ocular Implants
1 V1x Starting Over
63 C1x Home Away From Home
73 C1x Nanoprobe Resuscitation
U1x Sense the Borg
76 R+1x B'Elanna Daughter of Miral
96 U1x Ch'Regha
U1x K'Tal
97 C2x Kamok
78 C2x Kar'meth
78 C1x Karnog
98 R1x Kohlar
U1x Korris
99 U1x Morak
79 U1x Nirok
100 U1x T'Greth
12 V1x General Korok
27 V1x Kathleen Tonell
106 U1x Lansor
45 V1x Millin
110 R+1x One
112 U1x P'Chan
170 R1x Penk
172 R1x Tanis
164 R1x Kes
108 R+1x Marika
U1x I.K.C. T'Ong
52 V1x Renegade Borg Sphere
40 P1x Tsunkatse Ship

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