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Frederick La Rouque

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

11th November 2014

Frederick La Rouque
Messieurs et mesdames! Let me introduce to you the renowned gambler, Monsieur Frederick La Rouque! A contemporary of Samuel Clemens and Madam Guinan, M. La Rouque comes to us from 1893, and also (as if) from the Alternate Universe expansion of 1995.

Befitting his calling and status as a professional gambler and card sharp, he has regular skills of Greed (doubled) and Treachery. And with his special skill, he aims to be the smartest person sitting on any side of the table. He was unable to pull this off when facing a certain time-displaced android, but if he manages it in your game, he will be worth an extra 5 points while in play.

And in case you didn't notice, he's played by veteran Star Trek actor Marc Alaimo … leading to a couple of easter eggs in his lore.

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