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2014 Worlds Playmats Available for Purchase

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

17th October 2014

Now that our 2014 Continentals mats are shipping out of the warehouse and we've ironed out all of our production delays, we're proud to make the 2014 Worlds mats available for purchase from The Promenade as well.



These mats are based on the ones given out at the 2014 World Championships, but without the event branding in the lower left corner, as pictured above. They are available for immediate pre-order via The Promenade. These items are available worldwide for $25. This is a price we believe to be reasonable based on the cost of manufacture and shipping, while still allowing The Continuing Committee to turn a small profit. These profits will be used to continue operating our website and offering prizes for all of our major events, as well as implementing programs to bring in new and entice returning players to rejoin the community. Think of your purchase of a playmat as a donation, except that you also get a great looking mat to use for your card games.

These mats are high quality and measure 24" x 14", and are 1/16" thick. Once we have them in our warehouse, we will roll them (never folding them) into cardboard mailing tubes and ship them directly to your door, so your playmats will be protected and will arrive in great condition. We expect to begin shipping your playmats at the end of November or early December at the latest, depending on production time. We will be ordering based on pre-orders (plus a few extras for later), so there's no guarantee we'll get more of these mats in later - order now if you want one!

We want to thank you all for your patience as we've ironed out this new product. We have heard great things about these mats being used as prizes, and we can't wait to help you guys get your hands on similar mats. We are going to continue to make playmats as prizes for future events, so stay tuned: if you don't like this mat - there will be more.

Hit up the Promenade and get one of these mats today. They look great, help protect your cards and add some real style to your games!

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