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Discussing the World Championship

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

13th June 2008

There has been quite a bit of discussion on the format for the World Championship at GenCon in 2008. Originally the plan was to run the WC as a Traditional event (that does not allow virtual cards or printed proxies), and to run all the other events (and future World Championships) as Standard events.

It's become clear, recently, that there is significant interest in allowing the use of Virtual Cards for this year's World Championship. At this time, The Continuing Committee does not believe we have enough information to make an educated decision about the format of this event. So we're asking for your help by taking a small survey about your plans for GenCon and your opinions on this question.

As a reminder, Traditional format is one that does not allow any printed cards. In a Traditional event, you can not use any Virtual cards (cards with a "V" rarity) nor can you use printed errata cards or proxies.

In a Standard format event, all physical cards and all Virtual cards are legal as well as printed cards from the errata file.

Please take this survey, and ask all of your local players, friends, comrades, and even your enemies to do the same.

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