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Crossover: An Invitation

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

1st December 2014

Crossover: An Invitation

We now invite you … to a place that's not very inviting. Dank, dark, full of Dutch angles … where you're likely to meet an enemy, or even yourself! (And they could be one and the same.) Cross over into the Mirror Universe!

The Mirror, Mirror set in 2000 brought us the original Crossover card, which allowed personnel from the mirror universe to report in our universe. Normally, facility-based reporting requires the personnel and the facility to be in their native quadrant; Crossover gets around that by letting the [MQ] personnel ignore their [MQ] icon, at which point they are treated as if they have no icon and are consequently native to the Alpha Quadrant. They can report to Deep Space 9, or to your [Fed] Outpost, or even to Sherman's Peak. (Note that reporting that isn't based on facilities has no inherent quadrant restriction, which is why mission specialists like Loreva and Ensign Davis, and support personnel like Dorza, can show up in a lot of AQ decks.)

Now in the 20th Anniversary Collection, we revisit the Crossover idea and invite you to report in the other direction. Now it's the Alpha Quadrant personnel who are allowed to pretend they have a [MQ] icon, and report in that quadrant. Downloads are not allowed – you can't suddenly use Ops: Mirror Universe to fetch Data or Jean-Luc Picard from your deck. But you can …

[Rule] Play Morn directly to [MQ] Quark's Bar for early draws. Play Dabo Girls there for some gaming.

[OS] Report Dr. McCoy and your other TOS [OS] personnel to Halkan Council.

[TE] [KCA] Report Rom or Mr. Scott (or even Data and Geordi) to your Ore Processing Unit and Process Ore, protected by your Emblem card.

In addition, thanks to the colon rule (officially, "card titles" in the Glossary), it's still Crossover, and so it's downloadable by Ezri and Smiley.

Who will you invite?


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