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STCCG card of the day #408: Orderly Mavek

by Lucas Thompson, Ambassador

19th November 2014

Edgeofhearing's STCCG card of the day #408

Hi, folks,

The Star Trek CCG is 20 years old now. Why, it seems like only 19 years ago that I would log on to the internet on my dad's computer at work and read things like...


Personnel, Non-Aligned, virtual 20th Anniversary Collection, universal
Integrity 5
Cunning 7
Strength 7
MEDICAL, Computer Skill, Music, [Special Download] Frame of Mind (as an event, targeting an opposing personnel), Staff Star, AU Icon.
"Typical Tilonian nurse created by Suna as part of a brainwashing scenario. Appeared to enjoy the torment he inflicted on the occupants of ward 47."

Orderly Mavek may qualify for a TNG icon from Continuing Mission, but I doubt he'll show up in many TNG decks. That's not what he's for; he doesn't play for free to any of the TNG Warp Core cards, and does not compare favorably with other TNG Non-Aligned Medical personnel who also cost your card play (like Beverly and Will or The Foragers). So what is he for?

Well, this is the card that was designed to fit in with the Official Tournament Sealed Deck set, and he does that perfectly. Medical is very important to a large number of low-rarity Premiere and Alternate Universe dilemmas, and Computer Skill guarantees that your sealed deck could have potentially passed Impassable Door before you left Mavek out and ruined everything. Even better, he potentially interacts with a card you could pull from the included boosters, Frame of Mind.

That said, there is a card that will allow him to play for free: New Arrivals. While standard solver decks can't get away with only playing one personnel per turn, interference decks like Stefan's Kazon deck from this year's Regionals season will happily accept free-play restrictions in return for an additional end of turn draw that requires no set-up.

Ordery Mavek's download makes him fit right in with that sort of more aggressive decktype. Being Non-Aligned, he can mix in with any aggressor-affiliation of your choice, hitch a ride to the spaceline location at which your opponent's remaining personnel are huddling, cold and scared, fearing the oncoming storm... and then trap them in a world of psychological terror.

Favorite combo(s):

  • Mavek + Your favorite sealed format (preferably one with New Arrivals and sealed Alternate Universe boosters).
  • Mavek + Flaxian Scout Vessel + Scout Encounter + Zaldan (make sure they have some diplomacy to kill, thanks sexecutioner!)

Ratings for : ORDERLY MAVEK

Edgeofhearing's rating: 8.0
LORE's rating: 6.0
commdecker's rating: 7.0
Maewys's rating: 7.0
sexecutioner's rating: 6.0
Smiley's rating: 4.0
Allen's Rating: 6.0
The Mad Vulcan's Rating: 7.0
EHCCGPP's rating: 8.47

Not bad for an imaginary background guy.

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"A couple of lightyears can't keep good friends apart"

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