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Art Team Volunteers Needed!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

9th November 2014

The Continuing Committee is looking for volunteers to join our Art Team, effective immediately. The Art Team is an essential component to the continued release of virtual expansions, promos, and more – without our Art Team volunteers, nothing TCC produced would look good!

The primary responsibility of our Art Team volunteers is to source images required for new cards and promos. Candidates must be able to read through an expansion list, then source and manipulate images within a time frame of 2-3 weeks. Images must be provided in JPG format to the following specifications:

First Edition:
1.9” wide x 1.4” tall
350 dpi

Second Edition:
2.3” wide x 1.6” tall
450 dpi

There are no specific software requirements or methods required to volunteer; candidates may use whatever they are comfortable with as long as it can produce the required results. Typically, the Continuing Committee has need for art work every two (2) months, so Art Team Volunteers will be busy 2-3 weeks every two months. All Art Team Volunteers report to the Art Director.

Special consideration will be given to any candidate willing to volunteer for both editions.

For details on how to apply, including the example image that must be submitted with your application, please check out the Volunteer page. Thanks for reading, and for helping - without our volunteers, there would be no new cards!

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