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by Niall Matthew, Ambassador

13th November 2014

Q-Continuum is the third expansion for what was once known as Star Trek: The Next Generation: Customizable Card Game.

Released in 1996, this expansion introduced new card types called Q cards. There are currently 5 types of Q-cards: Artifacts, Dilemmas, Events, Interrupts, and even a Mission. These cards require something to be seeded on the table; the Q-Flash Doorway.

Let's have a look at how this Doorway works. At first glance, it seems like you're getting a good deal when it comes to setting up your seed deck. You seed one Q-Flash face up on the table during the Doorway phase, placing any amount of Q icon cards underneath it face down. Then you place multiple Q-Flashes face down under the opponent's missions, as you would do with Dilemmas for the opponent to encounter. When your opponents encounters a Q-Flash, you count the number of personnel in the crew or away team. You then randomly draw the same amount of Q cards from underneath the Doorway and resolve them one at a time.

Again, as I said before, it seems like a good deal. But if it’s such a good deal, then why are there only eleven decks that have used it? (Note: This number is based on when I looked up Q-Flash in the card database when writing this.) The first problem was the introduction of Q’s Tent: Civil War, a powerful variant on Q’s Tent which allows you to stock more cards, but also disables any other Q related side decks. The second problem is that a lot of the Q cards are just too weak to make a lasting impact in a game. Cards like Tijuana Crass, Where's Guinan? and Wesley Gets The Point are not much use most of the time and can end up being a waste of a card slot. Also, in the current OTF environment, Beware of Q is banned. This objective has multiple uses, such as allowing you to seed Q Dilemmas as normal space/planet Dilemmas. You can also replace a Dilemma after it is revealed with a Q-Flash Doorway, forcing the opponent to encounter your side deck at least once during the game.

But don’t let these problems deter you from utilizing Q-Flash in your strategy. For every weak Q card, there is a useful one to be had. Cards such as Quandary, The Issue is Patriotism, Penalty Box, and Mandarin Bailiff all provide powerful effects if used correctly. Even Door-Net can be effective if you can find a way of making the opponent lose Diplomacy from their deck.

So how do you make the most of the side deck? If you’re playing a Cardassian capture deck, use Mandarin Bailiff and His Honor, The High Sheriff of Nottingham to potentially grab yourself two captives with one card. Do you like the idea of downloading every ship from your deck along with leaders to staff them? Then try Chula: The Way Home and combine it with The Issue Is Patriotism to force a battle at your Homeworld. Maybe you are playing Borg and want the opponent to force a battle against you so you can counter attack with a much larger force? Try Undetected Beam-In with The Issue Is Patriotism. So what about Door-Net? The ability to close a Doorway is quite powerful. This can be combined with In For A Trim, which allows you to discard Incidents, Events, and Interrupts AND you can rearrange the top cards from the opponents deck. The opponent can still force shuffle their deck via Q the Referee, but limiting how many cards they can draw can keep the chosen Doorway closed for a few turns, especially if the opponent is using Handshakes, Mutations, and The Power as their draw engine (all are targets for In For A Trim.) And of course, Penalty Box removes one personnel from the spaceline onto the Box itself. These are just a few examples of how a Q-Flash can work in your favour.

My Ship, My Crew

Let’s look at the latest card released for the 20th Anniversary Collection: My Ship, My Crew. When the opponent encounters this Dilemma, you get to choose a classification. Once you have selected a classification, you move on to the next portion of the card. The opponent now gets to select one of the two following options: they can either randomly choose one personnel of said classification to be stopped OR they can randomly select three personnel without that classification to be stopped. The wording here prevents you from just choosing ANIMAL and then just selecting three personnel to be stopped. If there is no target for the dilemma, then it can be overcome with no effect. For example: OFFICER is selected, the player encountering the Dilemma then chooses to select one to be stopped. So when the players checks for OFFICER in the crew/away team and there are none, the Dilemma is discarded. Best of all, the final part of this Q card states that it can be seeded as a standard Space/Planet Dilemma, which can lead to some interesting classification related combos as seen below:

My Ship, My Crew + Barclays Protomorphosis Disease + Shades of Grey: Brutality – It's tricky enough having double MEDICAL, double SCIENCE, and double SECURITY without the opponent selecting one of them to be stopped.

My Ship, My Crew + Hull Breach + Maglock: Will the opponent risk losing OFFICERS? If they select the second filter option of stopping three non-OFFICERS, then you have a better chance of eliminating an OFFICER with Hull Breach, making Maglock tougher to get past.

One thing to keep in mind: any Q Dilemma, including our newest card, can be countered by Q2 or Guinan, so using this card can be rather meta dependant. 

Below is a deck I have created using My Ship, My Crew. Nothing complex, just a basic Federation solver. In For A Trim has been added because I like a bit of personality in my decks.

So whip out your Q-Flash and cause some mischief like it's 1996.

NEXT ARTICLE: The Fajo Collection; the expansion which gave us truly bizarre things like a glow in the dark Geordi, a cat with literally nine lives, and an actual stick of bubblegum. What crazy card has design created for TFC in the 20th Anniversary Collection?

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
9 R 51x Avert Solar Implosion
20 V1x Evade Borg Vessel
R1x Explore Dyson Sphere
18 V1x Free Orion Slaves
C1x Repair Mission
30 V1x Save Stranded Crew

Seed Deck (30)
2 R1x A Fast Ship Would Be Nice
R2x Armus - Skin of Evil
R1x Chula: The Chandra
4 U2x Chula: The Game
5 V1x Dead End
U1x Edo Probe
5 R1x Ferengi Infestation
C1x Friendly Fire
13 R1x Hull Breach
9 V1x Linguistic Legerdemain
C1x Maglock
U2x The Higher... The Fewer
C1x Q's Tent
C3x Q-Flash
10 V1x Temporal Micro-Wormhole
14 V1x Duck Blind
C1x Federation Outpost
21 V1x Attention All Hands
22 V1x Continuing Mission
29 U1x Q the Referee
2 VP1x Tribunal of Q
18 V1x Assign Mission Specialists
39 C1x Assign Support Personnel
13 P1x In for a Trim
Q Dilemma
16 V1x My Ship, My Crew

Draw Deck (45)
13 U2x Holodeck Door
U3x Barber Pole
17 V1x General Quarters
19 V7x Let's See What's Out There
U6x Mot's Advice
20 V1x You Are a Monument
U2x Hidden Fighter
R1x Beverly Crusher
C1x Darian Wallace
56 V1x Data (The Next Generation)
1 C 2601x Davies
58 V1x Deanna Troi (The Next Generation)
60 V1x Geordi La Forge (The Next Generation)
51 VP1x James T. Kirk
R1x Jean-Luc Picard
67 P1x Lieutenant Ballard
1 C 2741x Lopez
1 C 2762x Martin
P1x Miles O'Brien
U1x Mot the Barber
71 C1x Sam Lavelle
32 V1x Sergey and Helena
1 C 2831x Seth Mendoza
C1x Sito Jaxa
C1x Taitt
R1x Tasha Yar - Alternate
33 V1x William T. Riker (The Sky's the Limit)
R1x Worf
94 V1x Vash (The Next Generation)

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
C1x Federation PADD
C1x Starfleet Type II Phaser
U1x Lower Decks
17 V1x Masaka Transformations
25 V1x Finest Crew in the Fleet
31 C1x In the Zone
27 U1x Obelisk of Masaka
U1x Near-Warp Transport
P1x Admiral Picard
P1x Commander Troi
U1x Nikolai Rozhenko
C1x Runabout
C1x U.S.S. Galaxy

Q-Flash Side Deck (7)
Q Dilemma
C1x Mandarin Bailiff
16 V1x My Ship, My Crew
C1x Pla-Net
Q Event
C1x Door-Net
U2x Penalty Box
Q Interrupt
125 C1x Quandary

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