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Announcing Trek Masters: Orlando

by Daniel Matteson, Tournament Director

18th November 2014

On behalf of myself and my playgroup, as well as Cardassia's regional ambassador Rick Kinney and his playgroup, we are honored and thrilled to announce that Trek Masters is coming to Orlando, Florida on April 10-12, 2015!

This will be our first high-level Star Trek CCG event in the Continuing Committee era, and I know I'm excited to see the talented players of First Edition, Second Edition, and Tribbles battle it out here in Florida to see who will take the title of Trek Master!

There are so many reasons why Orlando presents itself as the perfect location for one of our high-level events, even beyond the many talented players that call Central Florida their home. The city and surrounding region have so many things to offer, from their buffet of theme parks and tranquil beaches to their array of shopping centers and awesome nightlife. Orlando is, after all, one of America's favorite vacation spots, and so the city is prepped with a wide variety of available places to stay, all with competitive rates. Check this link to explore some of the hotels in the immediate area.

We can't wait to show you that April is the perfect time to visit. When the rest of the country is just getting its first glimpse of the springtime warmth, Florida will already be enveloped in rays of sunshine.

Trek Masters: Orlando will take place at Campus Cards & Games, with Friday night warm-up events taking place at nearby Flippers Pizzeria. Special thanks to Eric Robinett for the venue arrangements.

Flippers Pizzeria
4498 N. Alafaya Trail
Suite #352
Orlando, FL 32826
store number: (407) 243-9797

Campus Cards & Games
12226 Corporate Blvd.
Suite #130
Orlando, FL 32817
store number: (407) 730-3161

The following is the tentative Trek Masters: Orlando schedule of events. Note that specific times and formats are subject to changes based on number of players participating. Tournament directing duties will be shared by Daniel Matteson (OKCoyote) and Rick Kinney (T-Ricks). If you have any questions, contact me at OKCoyote on the forums or (321) 795-6874 by phone or text.

5:00 pm - 2E side event - Standard warm-up (3 rounds)
9:00 pm - Tribbles warm-up

12:00 pm - 2E Masters - Standard (minimum 5 rounds)
12:30 pm - 1E side event - OTSD+ (3 rounds)
7:00 pm - Tribbles Masters

12:00 pm - 1E Masters - OTF (minimum 4 rounds)
12:30 pm - 2E side event - Academy (3 rounds)
6:00 pm - Tribbles cool-down

Board/card games and/or additional Tribbles games will be available and can be played as needed to help cover gaps, late night play, or anyone looking for something else to do.

We're looking forward to seeing you here in Florida this April! Make your travel plans now, and happy gaming!

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