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Achievement Clarification: They Call Themselves the Maquis

by Rogue Shindler, Achievement Master

21st November 2014

The Maquis are a crafty bunch. They work themselves into communities and organizations and cause trouble everywhere. But while they manage to infiltrate many places and insert themselves into many different affiliations, no matter how they might allow you to utilize them while they are undercover, their allegiance is very clearly to themselves and their own cause. And when they get together, they are very clearly their own affiliation.

But they are essentially an affiliation without a home. They do not have a facility to call their own (yet?), and that is the current standard by which most current affiliation achievements are measured ("use only X affiliation facilities and no others," etc). As such, the Maquis need their own identifier, and that identifier is They Call Themselves the Maquis. Like most affiliated facilities, if you are using this card, you have ceased using them as splash support, and started using them as a full-fledged affiliation with all the benefits and drawbacks that entails. Benefits, of course, being the extra free reports and use of other [Maq] related cards; the drawbacks being they DO count as another affiliation, and you can't get away with adding them as splash support if you are trying to earn achievements for other affiliations.

Absent a Maquis facility in the game, the Deck Builder recognizes TCTtM as an affiliation identifier, not just for potential future Maquis achievements, but for ensuring the purity and veracity of existing single-affiliation achievements. Yes, the card is not expressly forbidden by name in the achievement descriptions, but in this particular case, the Deck Builder sees TCTtM as a Maquis facility for the purposes of achievements, and will rightly disqualify a deck containing it from other single affiliation achievements. In lieu of re-writing every single achievement, we are alerting you with this article, and an update to the FAQ.

In short, if you are including They Call Themselves the Maquis in your deck, you likely plan on using enough Maquis cards that you aren't relying sufficiently on your primary affiliation, which goes against the spirit of the individual affiliation achievements. This programming decision reflects and enforces this. Don't worry, though, there will be plenty of opportunities for your mixed affiliation Maquis achievements in the future...

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