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Spotlight On: Voyager

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

8th June 2008

"We're alone, in an uncharted part of the galaxy. We've already made some friends here, and some enemies. We have no idea of the dangers we're going to face, but one thing is clear, both crews are going to have to work together if we're to survive. That's why Commander Chakotay and I have agreed that this should be one crew — a Starfleet crew." - Capt. Kathryn Janeway


From Memory Alpha: "Launched in the year 2371, the Intrepid-class Federation starship USS Voyager was a ship built to return to Starfleet's founding principle of scientific exploration. It was fitting that the ship's captain, Kathryn Janeway, rose up through the science ranks rather than command. On the ship's first mission, which required it to find and capture a Maquis vessel that disappeared into the treacherous Badlands, the starship was swept clear across the galaxy deep into the Delta Quadrant, by a being known as the Caretaker. This was a 70,000 light year transit that cost the lives of over a dozen crew members. When Captain Janeway was forced to destroy the massive alien array that housed the Caretaker, she saved an alien race, but stranded Voyager there.

Despite this significant setback, Voyager ultimately fulfilled its original mission, by Janeway's steadfast determination to bring her crew home to the Alpha Quadrant, a journey of at least 70 years. Incorporating the surviving Maquis rebels with her Starfleet-trained crew, Voyager spent seven long and treacherous years traversing entirely unknown territory. The crew made first contact with over 400 completely new species in the Delta Quadrant, discovered links to Earth's early space exploration history, as well as advancing the frontiers of stellar exploration. The crew encountered such memorable species as the violent and ruthless Kazon, the Phage-afflicted Vidiians, the colorful Talaxians and the ephemeral Ocampa. Janeway also negotiated a temporary peace with one of the Federation's most feared enemies, the Borg, when the crew entered a vast Borg-dominated region of the Delta Quadrant. The crew was spared years in dangerous Borg space thanks to Kes, an Ocampan passenger who telepathically thrust the ship nearly 10,000 light years towards the Alpha Quadrant. The crew later made contact with the temporally-sophisticated Krenim, the predatory Hirogen, and the toxic Malon, and later still encountered the Hierarchy. The entire Federation celebrated when Voyager made a triumphant return to the Alpha Quadrant by utilizing and then destroying a Borg transwarp conduit to hurl them back to Earth in 2378."

The Crew

Captain Kathryn Janeway moved through the ranks of Starfleet's science officers to become a captain, making her a fitting choice to command U.S.S. Voyager, a ship designed to champion the Federation's founding principle of scientific exploration. Passionate and driven, she was able to excel at diplomacy, negotation, trade, exploration and military matters alike as she found a way to bring her crew home in just 7 years. She was promoted to Admiral upon her return to Starfleet.

Chakotay left Starfleet to join the Maquis at fight for the rights of his people on their colony of Dorvan V. When his ship was pulled into the Delta Quadrant (and subsequently destroyed), he agreed to merge with Captain Janeway's crew and return to a provisional rank of Commander (and the position of First Officer) aboard Voyager. He would prove to be a loyal ally and fierce friend to Janeway during their long journey.

Lt. Commander Tuvok was a Federation spy (and member of Janeway's crew) that had infiltrated the Maquis when the ship was pulled into the Delta Quadrant. When Voyager was pulled across the galaxy shortly after, Tuvok was able to rejoin Janeway's crew and return to her side as a loyal advisor, confidant and friend.

B'Elanna Torres left Starfleet as a cadet, and found her way to the Maquis and aboard Chakotay's ship when it was pulled into the Delta Quadrant. She quickly proved herself to Janeway and became the ship's Chief Engineer. After struggling with her feelings for years, she became involved with Tom Paris, eventually marrying him and having a child together.

Lieutenant Tom Paris left Starfleet after he lied about an incident he was responsible for in which several fellow officers lost their lives. Once out of the service, he drifted from place to place where he found his way to the Maquis, but was quickly caught and imprisoned. Captain Janeway offered him a reduced sentence to help her on her mission to track down the Maquis, and restored his commission when Voyager was stranded.

Ensign Harry Kim was assigned to Voyager fresh out of Starfleet Academy. As an eager-to-please young ensign, Harry was one of the most disappointed to be stranded so far from home, yet one of the most optimistic that they would find a shortcut. Mr. Kim remained a valuable member of Janeway's crew as he gained experience and as the ship got closer and closer to home.

The Doctor was an Emergency Medical Hologram activated after Voyager's chief medical officer was killed when the ship was pulled across the galaxy. With no other medical officer, The Doctor was used far more frequently than designed and gained significant experience and the right to be treated as an equal. By the time Voyager returned home, The Doctor had moved well beyond his original programming and had become a sentient, separate being.

Seven of Nine formerly known as Annika Hanson, was reclaimed from the Borg Collective mid-way through Voyager's journey home. Originally assigned to voyager as a liaison, she was rescued and helped by the crew of Voyager to regain her humanity.

Neelix was a poor scavenger when he encountered Voyager after she was pulled into the Delta Quadrant. He joined the crew of Voyager as a guide, diplomat and as a chef. His advice, experience and instincts would prove invaluable to the crew of Voyager on their long journey home. He would leave the crew of Voyager in order to remain with an isolated colony of Talaxians, serving as the Federation's ambassador to the Delta Quadrant.

Kes was rescued by Neelix and the crew of Voyager shortly after being pulled into the Delta Quadrant, and joined the crew when Neelix did. She used the opportunity to explore her latent telepathic abilities, and helped the crew of Voyager when she could. She departed the ship shortly after three years when her abilities suddenly accelerated and she transcended the physical realm.


Voyager first appeared in Captain's Log as the penultimate Federation sub-affiliation, and the first to play without a headquarters mission. In addition, Voyager makes a strong showing in In a Mirror, Darkly as well as each set released since Captain's Log. But almost all of the earlier sets have useful cards for any Voyager player.

Head over to our forum and discuss your favorite Voyager episodes, vote in our Voyager polls, and talk about your favorite Voyager decks and strategies. Stay tuned this week for lots more Voyager content!

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