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No Mr. Worf!

by Niall Matthew, Ambassador

25th November 2014

We continue our spoilers of the 20th Anniversary Collection with the most hotly anticipated card of the set; Worf from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. However, I felt the need to write this article as I am very disappointed in this new Personnel, due to the fact that it is a perfect representation of Worf as a character. Go on YouTube and type in 'Worf gets denied again and again' or 'Worf gets pwned' and you'll see why this apparently great warrior is really just an incompetent weakling. Here are just some of the things that have taken Worf down over the years:


Ferengi - Twice

Deanna Troi - Thrice

Old men


Riker – Thrice



Cattle prods – Nine times

A common cold

Vicious animal thing

Giant hairy fly thing

A door

A walkway

Wall panel

A Barrel

These statistics do not lie, Worf is really a stubborn, weak Klingon, and his new card reflects this in almost every way.

Let’s look at his attributes; his INTEGRITY of 9 makes him the highest INTEGRITY of all the many versions of Worf. It also makes him more of an insufferable nuisance to his comrades, especially Odo.

His CUNNING of 7 (and now a lack of Navigation) shows how inadequate he is at getting past Dilemmas like Subspace Shockwave (perhaps we can add that to the above list).

The final attribute is the most worrying of all. At STRENGTH 10, he can easily be thwarted by a measly Ferengi armed with a whip, or a Vicious Animal Thing, or a Suicidal Stephen Hawking. Even a bottle of Champagne can knock him out cold. Maybe he should just stick to punching Wind Dancers in the face.

There are some important things listed in his lore. He can report for free to Deep Space Nine (if using Here by Invitation) and can command the U.S.S. Defiant (why Sisko allowed him to command such a ship when he tried to ram it into a Borg Cube is beyond me). He is also married to Jadzia Dax, which means Worf has been with more women than Geordi La Forge.

Let’s look at his skills now. His OFFICER, Leadership, and Command Star should make him a formidable asset in battle, but can you really trust someone who can’t defeat a Betazoid half his size?

The skill of Diplomacy doesn’t make sense, as he has a tendency to take hissy fits when angry. Honour x 2 is most reflective of his personality, as he can get beat up by the previously mentioned Ferengi, and go straight to the point area via No Way Out for 9 points.

Now let’s look at that special skill. Like I said above, Worf would always get his recommendations ignored by Captain Picard. But since he transferred to Deep Space Nine, his crewmates seem to listen to him (remember, Sisko is not Picard) this means that this DS9 version of Worf actually gets the chance to raise the shields for a change, doubling the defence of his current Tactic.

So we finally have Mr. Grumpy Pants in DS9 form. Re-enact your favourite Worf scenes from Deep Space Nine, like when he runs away from Jem’Hadar Attack ships, or when he gets a telling off from Odo for not doing his job properly, or when he gets punched in the face again and again, or even when he gets married to Jadzia Dax.

Next: Those pesky Ferengi are causing mischief. But what are they up to this time? Find out in the next article for the 20th Anniversary Collection.

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