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Friendly Fire

by Pat Bortz, Guest Writer

28th November 2014

Friendly Fire

Each of the Second Edition cards for the 20th Anniversary Collection is inspired by an expansion for the Star Trek: CCG. For the Dangerous Missions draft set we get a dilemma that could have worked well in that format: Friendly Fire.

For 4 cost, you have the opportunity to kill one or more personnel. If your think multiple headquarters are going to show up at your next tourney this dual dilemma may make solving the mission a little harder. Since this dilemma will kill a personnel for each headquarters he commands. Throw down Tragic Turn on top of that and you could do some serious damage.

Like many draft dilemmas it can't be too powerful, so your opponent does have the option of saving the personnel by discarding two Events from hand to prevent that from happening. If he/she does then even though no one is killed your opponent has to use up some of his valuable resources to save those personnel. You see, these missions are dangerous.

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