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Jean-Lucoid's Rolodex #2486

by Lucas Thompson, Ambassador

8th December 2014


PICTURE: Wow, we seldom get personnel images that are quite this... intense. However, Falow was a strange guy, and the expression (and uncomfortable closeness) really helps sell it. Capturing the essence of a guy who'll abduct your friends and force them to play a game that appears to kill them after you cheat them at the dabo table scores a 4.4.

LORE: Standard second edition quote here. Doesn't say much about the character, but the character didn't have much to say himself. The chosen subtitle fits with his ability, and is more descriptive than something like "Wadi Delegate". A serviceable 3.4.

TREK SENSE: Falow came to DS9, and he brought Chula: The Game with him. Can it really be as simple as that? Well, as far as the ability goes, I'm prepared to say yes. Skills and attributes get a little shakier though; Programming fits (assuming that's how Chula works), but he wasn't much of a diplomat. Also, though he latched on to Quark and his bar, he didn't seem particularly interested in acquiring anything. Honor is also a stretch, other than being upset at Quark for cheating at Dabo. Integrity 6 is the minimum for an Honor personnel, but hard to justify for someone who made people think that their lives were in danger over a game. Skill and attribute troubles pulls him down to 2.8.

STOCKABILITY: Chula piles have made a splash at several big events since they arrived in Return to Grace. These piles function best when you draw Chula: The Game early and often, sometimes multiple times at one mission. If you are able to stack three on the first mission in the first three attempts while stopping your opponent, you can build a huge lead, essentially sealing up the game. Of course, no one's that lucky all the time - and that's where Falow comes in. Sure, cards like Uninvited can also fetch The Game just like Falow can, but ask a Klingon player: there's value to having your useful abilities baked-in to your personnel (see: Riker, Gowron, Rozhenko, K'Tal). Cards like Alvera Tree Ritual may make Falow less effective, but your opponent still has to draw it early enough to use it. If a deck using Tampering With Time can advance multiple times on day two of the World Championships, then Falow can certainly find some use. Add the ability to solid attributes and skills for only 3 cost, and you get a 4.

TOTAL: 14.6 (73%) I still don't trust him though.

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