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10 Most Awesome-Looking Second Edition Cards of 2014

by Johnny Holeva, Art Director

31st December 2014

'Tis the season for Top Ten Lists! The rules of this list are simple: The Second Edition (2E) card must be from 2014 and the card must look awesome.

Orb of Time
Equipment - Return to Grace
Yup, it’s a simple image of an orb on a table. But I battled Photoshop on this one. The final image on the card is a blend of two-ish images. I liked the final composite image so much, I used it for the expansion icon.

Mission Accomplished

Falow, Gamemaster
Personnel - 20th Anniversary Collection
Such a silly episode of DS9 demanded the main guest star have a silly personnel image. This card makes me smile anytime I look at it.

Dexter Remmick, Alien Thrall
Personnel - Balance of Terror
“Umm, excuse me Dexter. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR NECK??” So cheesy! So perfect! Whenever Trek on television comes back, I hope they don’t forget good ol’ fashioned visual effects can be way more awesome than $$$$ spent on CGI.

Bajor, Blessed of the Prophets
Mission - Return to Grace
I love to weave the 1E/2E visual tapestry a little tighter, whenever it makes sense and I can. For this shot of the new 2E Bajor mission, I leaned on the original 1E Bajor image. Understated and perfect.

Mission Accomplished
Event - Virtual Promo - Series XI
The TNG gang is all there. The colors and staging is awesome. A real nice blend of card text and image.

Combined Attack
Event - Balance of Terror
ZAP! Great color and composition. The best thing about this awesome image is that it carries the weight of the Event gametext properly. Gravitas.

William T. Riker, Exchange Officer
Personnel - Virtual Promo - Series XII
This classic 2E card demanded a new alternate image that captured the cocky swagger of early TNG Riker. I churned through the whole episode to find the most awesome shot I could and I’m proud of the result.

Lore (The One)

Sito Jaxa, Undercover “Terrorist”
Personnel - 20th Anniversary Collection
Sometimes images are perfectly lit, have a memorable composition, and capture the character/moment without the need of any manipulation. They just look good. This shot of Sito Jaxa is that: Perfection.

The Weak Will Perish
Dilemma - Balance of Terror Release Promo
Super mega extreme Species 8472 eyeball close-up!! So cool. After re-watching the Species 8472 Voyager episodes for the Balance of Terror expansion (oh Voyager), I was struck by how hit and miss the special effects were. Some CGI shots of Species 8472 still looked fantastic; other shots looked... pretty rough. But this extreme close-up was perfect for a Power Dilemma. Another image that was so good I felt compelled to use it for the expansion icon.

Lore, The One
Personnel - Virtual Promo - World Championship 2014
Lore be all Crazy with the crazy grin, the crazy eyes, and the crazy Borg goon squad over his shoulder. Love this shot for a Hall-of-Fame 2E card; my favorite 2E shot of 2014!

There you have it. The 10 Most Awesome-Looking Second Edition cards of 2014. Agree? Disagree? Convince me that I missed a more awesome-looking 2E card and I’ll be impressed. Thanks for reading!

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