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The Gamma Quadrant Release Kits

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

9th January 2015

The next First Edition expansion, The Gamma Quadrant, will be released on Friday, January 30, 2014! You can help TCC to celebrate this expansion release and make one of your upcoming 1E events spectacular with the requisition of a The Gamma Quadrant release kit from the Promenade!

You can schedule your The Gamma Quadrant release event any time after Friday, January 30th. Just remember that quantities are limited so requisition your kit earlier rather than later - before we run out of these beautiful foils! (Note: Release Kits may or may not arrive in time for events schedule before February 7th, so later dates for release events are preferable.)


The Release Kit for The Gamma Quadrant includes:


Eligible tournament directors (those that have run at least one (1) event in the past six (6) months), will be able to requisition a Release Kit pass from The Promenande for $15. Once a pass has been obtained, this will allow the tournament director to requisition their The Gamma Quadrant kit containing as above for $5, and they will start shipping out immediately.

Note: We have a limited stock of release kits. They are limited to one per person, and when they are gone, they are gone!

Requisition a The Gamma Quadrant release kit, and schedule a release event for your players today! Don't miss this limited time opportunity to celebrate the release of this fun virtual expansion!

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