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Dropping a Spoiler

by Ross Fertel, Puzzler

19th January 2015

It’s spoiler season. You want ‘em and you’re getting ‘em.

We know how the routine works, something pops up here, something there, maybe you didn’t catch the latest episode of the most awesome podcast ever, but come January 30, all will be revealed. We rush to the Q & A thread to see what else we can glean, but everything is out in the open by that point as we hurry to make our new decks.

Here’s a spoiler for you. You’ll have to work for it, though. What you have is a drop quote. How does it work? The letters in each vertical line ‘drop’ down to form the text of a card. So, in the first column, you will use the letters E J N and P, in some order. For reasons of sanity, it has been divided into two parts, not necessarily in the right order.

Need a hint? Work on the smaller words. For example, the second word only has two letters. You can also look for suffixes, -ed -ing -ly. You also know the card has game text, at least in part, so be on the lookout for those kind of terms as well.

Normally Design, Art, Rules, Playtesters and Creative have spoiler text ready and waiting. In this case, they are invited to participate, as long as they don’t use inside information. So take advantage of the long weekend! Work while your boss isn’t looking! Bask in your glory as you look at ******** ****.

Also: if anybody manages to solve this before release day, a new puzzle will be released.

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