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Dropping a(nother) Spoiler

by Ross Fertel, Puzzler

27th January 2015

So the other day, we give you a spoiler in the form of a drop quote puzzle. We, or at least I, got a mental image of everyone doing these instead of what they were supposed to during their ‘normal’ job.

Then it gets solved in two hours. Two hours!

We promised you another one, and here it is. The same rules apply: the letters in each column drop down to form the text of a card. For example, in the first puzzle, the letters A, L, O, P and Y will ‘drop’ down in some order.

After hours of deliberation, the editorial board decided to ramp up the challenge. [Editors Note: This is not an entirely accurate statement.] You have two puzzles here, but one of them does not have spaces.

You’ll want to use the same strategies as before; look for suffixes, gameplay terms, etc.

If that wasn’t enough, how about the title in the form of a cryptogram: 121345367158 90!5@5#7$

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