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Server Upgrade

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

11th February 2015

Hello all!

We are about to begin a server upgrade for trekcc.org. Our current servers are several years old, and some of our applications (Deck Builder, Tournament Softer, Achievements) are putting quite a load on the server. So it's time to upgrade! We'll be staying with the same hosting company and upgrading to a server with considerably faster processors and double the memory.

It should be a seamless upgrade, which means all of our information and traffic should move from the older server to the new without interruption. However, as is the case with any technical system, there is a possibility of hiccups. Some users might see the new site before the old site, and there might be threads started on the old site instead of the new. (We will help avoid this by disabling the forums on the old site once the new site is live.) And there is the possibility that some of our systems might break until there is an update in the code - which we will be watching for and working on regularly during this migration process.

What we are asking for is two-fold. First, we appreciate your patience with any weirdness over the next few days and weeks and we complete this migration. Secondly, we ask you to post in the official discussion thread if you run into any issues on the site. Missing posts, missing pages, broken links or errors in our applications - please post them there. This will help us track down and fix the issues that much more quickly.

Thanks for your patience, and please let us know if you have any questions! We will keep you informed as the process continues.

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