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Pick Your Promo 2015: We Want Your Help

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

28th March 2015

In 2013, we invited every member of the community to Pick Your Promos! Dozens and dozens of you submitted your lists of promos and we used them to make many of the promos from then until now. But a lot has changed in two years and it's time for us to ask for your help again; that's right, it's Pick Your Promos 2015!

This time, instead of having you email us your lists, we've put together a series of Google Forms to allow you to submit your choices for promos in a variety of categories. There are three (3) surveys in total, one each for First Edition, Second Edition, and Tribbles. We invite anyone interested to complete any or all of the surveys, which you can find here:

First Edition: Pick Your Promo

Second Edition: Pick Your Promo

Tribbles: Pick Your Promo

Please complete each survey only once. You don't have to do all of them, and you don't even have to answer all of the questions. Just give us suggestions for as many of the categories as you'd like - but only one suggestion per category, please!

Your suggestions will influence our choices for promos not only for the rest of 2015, but into 2016 any beyond. We can't promise to make every card a promo, but your input is valuable and we will go out of our way to make you happy with our promo choices!

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