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Errata Time!

by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Brand Manager

6th April 2015

It all started in September last year, as one of my first actions as Brand Manager, to bring together a diverse group of people to focus solely on working with errata to try to shrink the Ban list.

Third of Five

The team is led by me, at the moment, with a good helping of Designers to see to it that we don't stray too far from the original intent of the card and at the same time don't go against any design rules that are set in place to safeguard the game. Then there's Rules people to help out with wording and be the liaison to the Rules Team, if need arise. We have Art there to see that whatever we make will fit on the card, so that we don't stray too far off the original. And then we also have players of diverse levels of the game. Everything from top player to casual gamer is represented. And of course then there is the Play Testers that test these cards over and over to see that they work and that they are at the correct power level. Without them all this would be impossible.


First off, we have a trio of cards that where either misspelled or, due to rules changes, been made to not work as they did before.

Dosi Trade Vessel

Secondly, we managed to test a bunch of cards and now they work (more or less) as they did originally but now within the power curve. The cards where up on the Ban list for a reason and we had to try to remove that function without making a whole new card. So after a bunch of iterations we finally got a couple through testing that where release ready.


And finally we have two cards from the last set that players found to be a bit strange. They have now received errata to work properly so that you won't have to jump through hoops to play the Ferengi/Dominion Trade agreement deck.


The Errata team and I have worked long and hard on these and we are happy with how they turned out. But there's more to come in the future.






The errata is to the following:

Spatial Rift

Two personnel present (random selection) "disappear" (discarded) if their combined CUNNING<15. To get past requires Astrophysics and 2 ENGINEER remaining.

The original version used to be a very powerful dilemma that would potentially kill 2 personnel and stop without even getting to the wall part of the card. This has now been changed so that it now potentially kills the 2 personnel and then hit the wall part of the dilemma without a automatic stop before the possibility to overcome it.


The Weak Will Perish

Kills five ? Borg drones present (random selection) and each personnel present who has a printed STRENGTH<5. (Immune to Adapt: Negate Obstruction.)

The old version used to kill off all universal borg drones present and each personnel with any attribute <5. This made the card really powerful and ended up in most decks. No it only kills 5 drones and only personnel with STRENGTH <5.


Your Galaxy Is Impure

Randomly select a personnel to be killed. Place on mission. At the start of each mission or scouting attempt here, kills one personnel present (your choice). (Immune to Adapt: Negate Obstruction.)

Now it's a random selection first and then your choice instead of the old version that let your opponent choose each time.


Launch Portal

Suspends play while you do any or all of the following: download Engage Shuttle Operations or Escape Pod; download (once per game) a scout ship, shuttle or Borg Sphere to your ship with Tractor Beam; and (except during a mission attempt) launch any or all of your carried ships with crew. Discard, or place on Engage Shuttle Operations to protect it from nullification and extend its effects to scout ships.

This card was toned down from the old one to only allow a once per game download on the ship. And now it can't be used during a mission attempt.


Access Denied

Seeds or plays on table. While in play, nullifies all Establish Gateway objectives targeting your missions. You may suspend play while you discard incident to download Fractal Encryption Code.

The "adds 1 computer skill to mission requirements and to each dilemma here" was deemed far to abusive and had to be removed as this card was mostly use as a offensive card instead of the defensive it was made to be.


Holoprogram: The Fortress of Doom

Seeds or plays on your ship with a Holodeck. In place of your normal card play, you may download Chaotica (or any card with his name in lore) aboard. While Chaotica is aboard (and Captain Proton is not at same location), opponent must discard two cards to attempt mission at this location unless they have a [Holo] personnel participating in the attempt.

The main problem of this card was that it could lock out an opponent from his missions unless they brught a [Holo] personnel. And the free download of a Chaotica related personnel was changed so that it took up your regular card play to slow it down.


Where Opportunities are Made

Seeds or plays on your [Fer] facility in the Alpha Quadrant. While your [DS9][Fer] ship is at a Gamma Quadrant location, your [DS9][Fer] cards may mix and cooperate with your Dosi, Karemma, [Dom] ships, and [Dom] facilities; your [DS9][Fer] personnel may report as if [GQ] and may report to Dosi Trading Post (as if Dosi). Once per game, you may download Cross-Quadrant Expansion to this facility.

Following the feedback after the release of the last set we changed this card so that it now lets Kareema, Dosi and Ferengi to mix and cooperate better.


Loss of Orbital Stability

Plays on any ship orbiting a planet. Ship has NO RANGE until end of turn, and is destroyed at end of its owner's next turn unless SHIELDS>4; then discard interrupt.

Updating the wording a bit and changed it so that it could not be used as a valid response to movement.


Third of Five

 Geology  Stellar Cartography  Biology  If on your Borg Scout Vessel, it is attributes all +2 (+4 in Alpha Quadrant). ? Hugh

Used to incorrectly refer to the Scout Vessle instead of the correct Borg Scout Vessel. Now you don't have to assimilate your opponents Romulan ship any more to get the bonus but can rather play your own to have him boost it.


Regina Barthalomew

 If with Professor Moriarty, copies of your unique personnel under Holoprogram: 221B Baker Street may report for free (twice each turn).

Now only lets you report unique personnel and only twice each turn as the original did not have a limiter on how many you could report for free.



Female subcommander. Captain of the warbird Haakona. Investigated the Federation incursion of the Neutral Zone in the vicinity of Iconia.

Changed "Warbird" to "warbird" so that she once again is the matching commander of the Haarkona.


Dosi Trade Vessel

Tractor Beam, Acquisition 
May report to Dosi planet.

Added the reporting ability so that it now can report to the Dosi planet after listening to the feedback after the release of The Gamma Quadrant.


T'Pol/Soong Maneuver

Corrected the spelling in the card title.


If there are any questions or concerns regarding this errata, please ask them in the thread for this article, or you can PM myself Smiley.

Discuss this article in this thread.

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