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Dominating Tactics

by Nicholas Yankovec, Second Edition Brand Manager

1st April 2015

Expedient Opportunity

"The Alpha Quadrant seems wracked with chaos – it could use some order...."

Two new cards for the Dominion today, and both will help to speed up this historically slow affiliation.

The first of these is not limited to just Dominion, but any affiliation that wishes to venture back and forth to the Gamma Quadrant, including doomed invading Romulan/Cardassian fleets, Tulaberry purchasers and salesmen, or maybe just Federation explorers not using a strategically located wormhole.

And that card is Expedient Opportunity.

You might notice that the card is not limited to the Gamma quadrant, so Borg can start to move around the whole galaxy much easier.

One of the main drawbacks an Alpha Quadrant Dominion deck has always suffered is difficulty in the range. Their cheap workhorse ship, the Attack Ship, and more specifically the Subek'somac, Alpha Attack Ship have a range of 7. To get to the Alpha Quadrant requires a range of at least 6, which means you'll need two ships to ferry personnel, and a well played damage marker can strand your crew. But now, with a range of 4 or 5 between HQ and mission, you won't need to worry about being stranded, and an Astrometrics Lab can get your Subek'somac up to a good range of 9.

Plus, a 1 cost event is great for the Alpha Turan'Ekan.


"Once the new perimeter is established, we will redouble our shipbuilding efforts and increase production of Jem'Hadar troops."

The second card revealed today is a zero cost event, Mobilization Points. Spelt with a 'z' for some reason.

Mobilization Points

It's non-unique, so you can have up to three in your core. The first unique Jem'Hadar played each turn is cost -1 for each of these events out. And note, that your opponent's copies will also reduce the cost and vice versa, so be wary when playing against another Dominion player.

I suddenly want to use the 5 cost Goran'Agar, Trusted Commander for the first time, who I could never justify before with four pretty common Dominion skills. But for a cost of 4, 3, or even 2, he is definitely worth including for his great attributes.

The other 5 coster, Amat'igan, Founder Bodyguard is normally included within my deck as a Gelnon grab. But if using the new HQ to play in the Gamma Quadrant, downloading Gelnon, Aloof Technician may not be available.

There are three 4-cost unique Jem'Hadar, Remata'Klan, Unit Leader who is pretty much an auto include in most Dominion decks already, Talak'talan, Keen Third who wasn't previously included without 40 point missions can now be included for his fantastic skill set alone, and Duran'Adar, Attentive Sixth, whose point ability was niche at the best of times. Actually, he might be helpful now if you're playing against a Gamma point denial deck..

There are eight 3-cost unique Jem'Hadar, and one 2-cost unique Jem'Hadar. No, wait there are TWO 2-cost unique Jem'Hadar. With the cost reduction, why wouldn't you be playing most of the personnel? It also makes Vorta Discipline a lot more palatable in destroying your opponent's high cost events... 


Expect a second article from me next week, introducing many of these new cards into a, hopefully, good Dominion deck build. I just hope no one planning on attending the London Regional will read it...



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