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GenCon - The Schedule!

by Michael Van Breemen, North American OP Coordinator

4th April 2015

While I’m not a computer coding guru like some, I can write about what you’re going to see at GenCon in terms of the scheduling -

Thursday - First Edition Team Tournament and Second Edition Infinite Diversity Draft (start time - 10 am to 4 pm)

OTF Constructed three-person teams take on other teams to see who is the best team overall. The combined Victory Points total of the three teammates will determine the winner so if you want to team up, whether it’s with people from your local play group so that you can play brand new people, or the ultimate dream team or just three people who showed up to play, the choice is yours! This is expected to go four rounds.

Infinite Diversity will see a shake-up this year as the card pool and distribution of cards gets an update. If you took part in last year’s Infinite Diversity draft at GenCon, then you’ll see some of the things that were tested out. More information about the updates and changes to the Infinite Diversity draft format to appear in the future but this will go for at least four rounds. Make sure to bring backing cards and, if you happen to bring your own copy of the fixed cards from the set, there will be plenty of trees that will thank you.

Second Edition Team Tournament and First Edition Crossover Release Event (start time - 4 pm to 10 pm)

Standard Constructed three-person teams just as the First Edition tournament was above and is expected to go at least four rounds. Also, if there happens to be the same team who plays in both the 1st and 2nd edition team tournaments and does better than the others… it could very well be worth your time.

As for the Release Event, I’ll only share the following information about it at this time - Bring backing cards as this will be a sealed deck tournament. It’ll be the world premiere of Crossover, the first set from the third block (TNG - 1st block, DS9 - 2nd block and ? - 3rd block) It’ll be four rounds.

Tribbles is at 10 pm. Whether you bring your own or borrow someone else’s, every night closes with a few rounds with some hairy balls of mewing fluff…

Friday -

First Edition Continentals starts at 9 am. This OTF Constructed tournament will go five rounds and, depending on the number of people in the tournament, either the top four will go on to the finals or the top eight (if there’s more than 32.) The top four or eight will play after a break (the tournament should end around 5 pm, the finals doesn’t start until 7 pm.)

OTSD Sealed starts at 6 pm (this will take place after the First Edition Continentals tournament which should be finished by 5 pm.) Unwind with some old-fashioned Open OTSD sealed deck play. Play the cards as they’re written, cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war! My money is on whomever gets a Horga’hn…

On the Second Edition side, we have a standard sealed deck tournament starting at 10 am. No additional cards needed here as all of the cards will be provided to you. This is expected to go four rounds. This is followed by a standard constructed tournament at 4 pm, also for at least four rounds.

Tribbles ends the evening with a tournament at 10 pm

Saturday -

Second Edition Continentals starts at 9 am. This standard constructed tournament will go for six rounds and, depending on the number of people in the tournament, either the top four will go on to the finals or the top eight (if there’s more than 32.) The top four or eight will play after a break (the tournament should end around 5 pm, the finals doesn’t start until 7 pm.)

At 6pm is the Second Edition Academy tournament. This card pool strictly* comprises of any Second Edition card with a rarity of common (“C”), starter (“S”) or virtual (“V”); and all Second Edition missions. *No other cards, including any virtual promo (“VP”) cards, are legal in this format. This is expected to go four rounds.

For First Edition we have 1E OTF DS9-Only Constructed at 10 am. Play in a sanctioned First Edition constructed, complete card pool tournament with a deck containing only cards with the DS9 property logo or Referee icons, and Tribunal of Q. This is a four round tournament.

After that there is a Constructed Block tournament at 4pm. All cards in this tournament are restricted to just the cards legal in the Block format so plan accordingly for this four round tournament.

Lastly, there’s Tribbles at 10 pm.

Sunday starts with either the perennial First Edition Cool tournament, an Open tournament where the tournament is more about the coolness of your deck than trying to win the game or a Second Edition Traditional constructed tournament where only the cards from sets 1 to 14 are allowed (please note - the current errata of these cards still apply.) These tournaments start at 9 am. These lead up to the Tribbles Continental Championship starting at 2 pm.

One note about the Day 2 tournaments -

If there’s four people in day two, then it will be a round-robin tournament and if it’s an eight person field, this will be a single-elimination bracket. You do not have to change decks between Day 1 and Day 2 but you are able to do so if you want to.

If you’re interested in volunteering for GenCon, please either email me at theninjascot@yahoo.com or you can PM me on the board (The Ninja Scot). Let me know what events you’re interested in when you message would be greatly appreciated.

Any other questions, feel free to ask on the related articles board or PM me directly.

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