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April Errata

by Nicholas Yankovec, Second Edition Brand Manager

6th April 2015

We have SIX errata changes this month.

This errata is in effect from today, Monday 6th April, 2015.


The errata is to the following:

Holding Cell

Decay: 3. (When there are three cards on this event, destroy it.) To play this event, you must command six [DS9] personnel. Plays in your core. When you play this event, name a personnel, then each player places each copy of that personnel they command on this event (those personnel cannot use abilities). When an opponent is about to play an interrupt, prevent that interrupt and place it on this event instead.

There have been concerns about this card being seen in too many different decks, so this card now requires six Deep Space Nine personnel to play, rather than the previous three.


Straight and Steady

Decay: 5. (When there are five cards on this event, destroy it.) To play this event, you must command three [SF] personnel. Plays in your core. When your personnel aboard a [SF] ship uses a skill to complete a mission worth 40 or more points, you may place a card from hand on this event. Order - Destroy this event to download a card that has a cost equal to the number of cards on this event.

This card has been used constantly in non-Starfleet decks to download 0 cost events. A requirement for three Starfleet personnel has now been added to play the card.


Yelgrun, Blunt Negotiator

Order - Kill your [Dom] non-Changeling present to make each player shuffle his or her hand and exchange it for an equal number of cards from the bottom of his or her deck.

There was a potential for abuse with this card, the one brought to the errata teams attention involved Shankar and Rebecca Sullivan, but there were potentially others. Yelgrun's order now specifies a Dominion non-Changeling.



When you play this personnel, reveal four cards from the top of an opponent's dilemma pile. This personnel is cost -1 for each dual dilemma revealed. Place the revealed cards on the bottom of the owner's dilemma pile in any order.

Dilemmas that are revealed from the top of an opponent's dilemma pile are now placed under that dilemma pile.


Tal, Alert Subcommander

When you play a [Rom] personnel at this mission, reveal an opponent's hand. If you reveal an interrupt this way, you may download a card that has the same cost as that personnel. You may do this only once each turn

Added an "...at this mission" requirement.


The Viceroy, Advisor to the Praetor

When an opponent plays an event, you may discard a Romulan from hand to download an event. You may only do this once each turn.

To limit his ability, it now requires a Romulan to be discarded and is once each turn.


If there are any questions or concerns regarding this errata, please ask them in the thread for this article, or you can PM myself nickyank or John Corbett KillerB

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